010 66
206 S Dino Spyder
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - Scuderia Ferrari
66/apr/25 13th 1000km Monza Dick Attwood/
David Piper
#38 CaS 3/83 p48
- Maranello Concessionaires loaned 010 from SF
66 - Edouardo Lualdi, Busto Arsizio, I Nye, Dino p200
67/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Giampiero Biscaldi/   Giorgio Pianta #14
67 - Garage Francorchamps, B EF p192
67/apr/30-may/01 dns 1000km de Francorchamps Leon Dernier          (= 'Elde') #20
67/jul/23 dns Mugello Jonathan Williams/ Gunther Klass
68/jun/23 dns Cote d'Herbeumont Willy Mairesse
68/jul/15 dns Trophee Mer du Nord 'Beurlys' #31
68/aug/04 1st Bomeree Hill Hughes de Fierlant    
68/aug/18 1st Maquisard Hill 'Beurlys'    
68/sep/01 1st Marchin-Huy Hill 'Beurlys'    
68/sep/22 1st IC Houyet Hill 'Beurlys'    
68/oct/20 1st Tros Marets 'Beurlys' #171  
69/mar/23 2nd La Roche-Samree Hughes de Fierlant    
69/apr/27 1st d’Adenne Hughes de Fierlant    
69/may/04 dnf Cote d'Alle sur Semois Hughes de Fierlant
69/may/10-11 dns 1000km de Francorchamps Hughes de Fierlant/ "Elde" #48  
-  bad crash in practice driven by "Elde", car burnt out
69 - remains sold to Alain de Cadenet, UK
7. - Anthony Bamford, UK 
- according to Willie Green, he bought a box of bits which was all that remained CaS 3/83 p49
71 - Wolf Zeuner, UK
- engine s/n 004 installed
78 - 81 Zeuner co-owned the car with Mike Vernon, UK dealer
81 - Wolf Zeuner, UK
81 - Nick Mason, UK CaS 3/83 p46,47 & 49
81 - 82 restored by Bob Houghton
85/apr - offered by GP SSR, USA
8. - Jeff Hayes, USA
87/may/01 2nd FCA Concours Wolf Trap Farm, class 17 Jeff Hayes
8. - Don R. Walker, Dallas, TX, USA
8. - Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL, USA (dealer)
88 - Engelbert E. Stieger, St. Gallen, CH FOC 86 p13
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Kuno Schaer #9  
89/oct/07-08 BFOCS Dijon Meeting Stieger
90/apr/07 GP de Montreux Stieger
95/aug/03 Uwe Meissner Meeting, Nuerburgring Engelbert Stieger #4
96/jul/03 Girard-Perregaux F50 watch introduction, La Chaux-De Fonds Engelbert Stieger
96/jul/20-21 dns Ferrari Racing Days, Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge, Nuerburgring Christoph Stieger
02/jul/15-16 Loris Kessel Ticino Ferrari Days Engelbert Stieger




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