8971 66/sep   *** 1st ***
Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale "Tre-Posti" 
Savid gardenia white/upholstered in black elasticized imitation leather
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/oct - Paris Show Car  
66/oct - Earls Court London Show car  
67 - Brussels Motor Show car  
67/mar - Geneva Salon Show car  
67/may - Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA Mythos p188-193 
67 - L.A. Auto Show car  
67/sep - Marvyn Carton, NY, NY, USA - traded in his 500 Superfast s/n 6041SF - paid 26,000.- (500 Superfast valued 8,000.-)   
68/mar - back to Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA  
68 - Jan De Vroom, 343 El Bravo Way, Palm Beach, FL, USA - traded in his 275 GTB/4 s/n 10827 - paid $18,052.- less 10827's value of $12,000.- = $6,052.-
68 - used by Jan de Vroom for one summer in Cannes, F
68/late - Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA
97/aug/04 Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester Luigi Chinetti jr.
97 Louis Vuitton Concours, Rockefeller Center, NY Luigi Chinetti jr. C103 p15
00/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Luigi Chinetti jr.
00/sep/09-10 Louis Vuitton Classic, Bagatelle Luigi Chinetti jr.
01/jul/20-22 Brands Hatch Ferrari Festival Luigi Chinetti jr.
04/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours Luigi Chinetti jr.
14/aug/17 - NS - Gooding & Co.'s Pebble Beach auction - highbid $22,250,000.- (reserve reputedly was $25,0mio)  


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