08901 66
Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, alloy, long nose, LHD
Red/black, outside filler 
two headrests
last alloy-bodied 275 GTB long nose built 
Torque tube
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/may/11 - A.J. Sarubbi, West New York, NJ, USA via Chinetti for $15.458,00 (trading in 250 GT Lusso 5249GT for $5.758,00)  
.. - Chinetti Motors, NY, USA
7./mid - William H. Sergeant, North Caldwell, NJ, USA 
7. - stored in the basement of Sergeant's home with a “sick” engine
8./early - ..........., NJ, USA
82 - Stephen D. Barney, Summerfield, NC, USA +919/643-5698
8./late - engine removed and entrusted for an overhaul to Gordon Tatum, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
- Tatum embezzled the engine; block only was given to someone in the USA as payment for debts
.. - block only sold  to John Sykes, Manchester area, GB
98 - John Sykes bought the car from Barney and re-united it with the engine "48 BAD"
98-01 - totally restored by Sykes
01/sep - offered for sale by Sykes, asking £175.000,00
01/dec/17 - Matthias Ficht & Ulrike Ficht & Markus Ficht, Muenchen, D "M-AL 275H"
02/aug/17-18 26th Int. Oldtimer Meeting Baden-Baden Uli Ficht

04/jul - Matthias Ficht & Ulrike Ficht, Muenchen, D

05/may/07-10 Modena Cento Ore Classic Ficht/                  Ficht #96
06/sep/29 FCD Klassikertreffen Spessart Matt Ficht FW No. 63



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