08653 66/feb
Ferrari 275 GTS,
Nero (18656 S Italver) / Nero Franzi
Pinifarina Body # 175200
Assembly # 200
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/may - Chinetti Motors, NY, US.  
66/jul - arrived at Hollywood Sports Car, CA, US (imported via Chinetti Motors, NY then to Modern Classic Cars, NV.)  
66/jul/21 - Steve McQueen, Los Angeles, CA, USA (special-ordered 14 Sep 65) "UIL 842" (CA, USA)
66/aug - repainted to Rosso Amaranto 20-R-187 at Lee Brown, Precision Auto Body, CA.  
68/jun - ……………………., US  
70s/early - David Wallace, Los Angeles, CA  
81/aug/30 – advertised for sale by I.A.N. Co, Los Angeles, CA “LA Times, Aug. 30”
80s/early - Mark Fels, Los Angeles, CA  
86/mar - Peter J. Sidlow, North Hollywood, CA  
88/feb - advertised for sale by Sidlow. Red with black interior “FML Vol 13 No 4”
91 - advertised for sale by Windmill Motors, South Dartmouth, MA “FML Vol 16 No 11”
91/nov/23 - Kensington Auctions, Rye, NY. 82,000.  
94 - partial fire damage to rear, USA at Exotic Cars of Pittsburgh (David Scaife), PA, USA  
95/sep - Fred Petroske, Chaumont, NY  
01/may - Tom Meade, Westwood, CA  
13 - in Italy, part of Tom Meade’s estate, MC  
18/may - …………………………………  
21/feb - Ferrari Classiche certified after completion of multiyear restoration. Repainted in original Nero (18.656 S. Italver), then covered with Rosso ( Ferrari 20 - R 187), to return it to the state it has been while in use by Steve McQueen.  
21/ju/04 – Cavallino “Concorso di Modena”. Platinum Award, Excellence Cup.  
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