08477 66
275 GTB, long nose, 6-carb, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - Dubios, CH  
.. - Warren Granek, Annapolis, MD, USA  
89/jun/25 Best of Show 5th Annual Reading Ferrari Concours Warren Granek
90/jun/01 1st IC FCA National Concours Watkins Glen, class 6 Warren & Betty Granek
91/may/03 2nd IC FCA National Concours Washington, class 6 Warren Granek
92/jun/05 1st IC FCA National Concours, Grand Rapids, class 3 Warren Granek
99/late - Mr & Mrs Bruce W. Miller, Severna Park, MD, USA
99/late - significant amount of work done at Chuck Wray's Grand Touring, Laurel, MD  
00/apr/ -   Copperstate Rally Mr & Mrs Bruce W. Miller #60  
00/... - During transport back to MD, the car was damaged due to being tied down improperly. The radiator was pulled out and much front end framing tubing was damaged. The car was taken to Karosserie, outside Philadelphia, PA, and repaired, including replacing the headliner and a slight rust spot at the left bottom of the rear window  
00/... - back to Grand Touring for some follow-up work. John Marriott came to the shop (since Grand Touring serviced his father's (Bill Marriott) collection of Ferraris), saw the car, and, within a couple of weeks, became the new owner  
.. - John Marriott III, USA
06/may/31-jun/04 42nd FCA Annual Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC John Marriott

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