8083 65/dec/10   *** 29th ***
Ferrari 500 Superfast S2, LHD 
Blu scuro/blu 
PF job no. 99615
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - R. Willis Baillard, CA, USA via Chinetti/Zipper  
6. - fitted with engine s/n 8565SF
69 - John Calley, Burbank, CA, USA  
75 - Bud Pessin, St. Louis, MO, USA  
95 - Mike & Becki Dunn, Newark, CA, USA  
95 - reunited with its original motor in a swap with Ed Waterman who had motor s/n 8083 in his chassis s/n 8565. Motorcraft made the swap.
00/jul - completed a total, every nut and bolt restoration, it even has the correct HR 210 X 15 tires.  Exterior Color "Blu Scuro", interior Grigio"  
00/jul - was first shown at the FCA Nationals in July 2000, with the following awards:  
00/jul/06 Platinum in class FCA National Concours, Colorado Springs Mike & Becki Dunn
00/jul/06 Major Award for "Outstanding Restoration" FCA National Concours, Colordao Springs Mike & Becki Dunn
00/aug/18 Platinum in class Concorso Italiano Mike & Becki Dunn
00/aug/18 "Phil Hill" award for a "Ferrari of Outstanding Merit" Concorso Italiano Mike & Becki Dunn
00/dec - offered by Mike Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA for $435.000.- C120 p9
01/jan/20 Platinum X. Cavallino Classic, class 10 Mike & Becki Dunn C122 p37
01/jan/20 GT Cup X. Cavallino Classic Mike & Becki Dunn C122 p37
01/jan/20 Coppa Bella Machina X. Cavallino Classic Mike & Becki Dunn    
01/may/31-jun/02 Luigi Chinetti Memorial Award FCA Annual Meet, Concours, Dallas Mike & Becki Dunn
01/jul - asking $435k  
01/aug/19 Pebble Beach Concours, PF class Mike & Becki Dunn
02/jan/18 - S - RM Arizona auction -  $335,500.- incl. buyer's prem.
02/jan/18 - Dan Stanton, Hobe Sound, FL, USA
08/jan/26 XVII. Cavallino Classic Dan Stanton


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