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Ferrari 275 GTB, 6-carb, alloy, LHD
Bleu Notte Metallizzato 106-A-38 / Pelle Rossa VM 3171
 alloy body, hi-performance engine
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66/may/05 - Sture Nottorp, Göteborg, S via Tore Bjurström, Örebro, S  
66 - Sports Car Show, Göteborg, S  
66 - Nose modified ... Bumpers removed, custom grille. Two sets square running lights specially fitted in place. Central “cyclops” type air-craft spot lamp fitted in a hole on the bonnet on a windshield wiper motor, to be raised and lowered by the driver in the cockpit while racing.  
66 - Nottorp was on his way to enter Monte Carlo Rally with the car, but had to withdraw due to worsening night vision problems.  
6. - Motor Car, Göteborg, S   
69/may/25 - Fehn Ab, Göteborg, S  
69 - Sven Andersson, S "OB 18819"
69/nov/05 - Sportvagnsimport  "N 9899"
70 - Per Ingvar Brandström, Stockholm, S "AA 4419"
.. - fire caused damage to interior, damage repaired in Modena, nose restored by Scaglietti re-painted Verde Metallizzato  
.. - "FXM 459"
94 - confiscated for unpaid taxes and sold hastily for a fraction of the real value by Swedish state  
94 - Gert Ove Johansson, Olofström, Blekinge  
94/late - Bert Welander via Classic Garage, exported to USA  
97/... - .............., J via Lyle Tanner  
07/... - Charles Arnot, USA via SMC paid $1,4mio  
08/feb - Autosport Designs, Huntington Beach, NY, USA part of a multicar trade valued $1,5mio  
09/... - Nick Soprano, White Plains, NY, USA ... now Celeste  
09/... - Paul L. "Barney" Hallingby, Sharon, CT, USA via Nick Soprano  
11/... - Jeffrey Mamorsky, NYC, NY, USA  
11/sep/26 - certified by Ferrari Classiche  
13/apr/6-10   23rd Bell Lexus Copperstate Jeffrey Mamorsky /
Alan Culverhouse
13/jun/1   Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Nick Soprano    
14/jul - Jeff Lotman, Los Angeles, CA, USA  
15/aug/17 - FCA Concours d’Élégance Nicklaus Club, Monterey, CA, USA 
Platinum Winner / Coppa Bella Machina
16/jan/23 - Cavallino Classic  
16/oct - exhibited at the Peterson Museum, LA, CA, USA
17/jan/28 The Ferrari Classiche Cup – finest Certified Ferrari XXVI. Cavallino Classic Therese & Jeff Lotman    
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