07915 66
Ferrari 275 GTS, 3-carb, LHD
Silver/red, black top
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - Alfred Erwin Goldschmidt, Stamford, CT, USA (son & heir of famous German banker Jakob Goldschmidt who fled Germany in 1933)  
8. - completely restored, painted yellow/black
89/nov/11 - S - Solo Ferrari Orion Monaco auction - DM 1,112mio ($531,100) incl. buyer's prem.; yellow/black  
89/nov/11 - ............  
01/dec - offered by Tiziano Carugati, Geneva, CH - yellow/black, mags
0. - repainted grigio met./black, Borranis
0 - Klaus-Peter Reichle, Babenhausen, D
08/may - offered by Reichle, asking €365.000.-
08/may - matching no. but wrong bumpers, wrong seats, no footrest, wrong Borranis wrong tyres, must have had an accident on the left front side; €325.000.- offer did not buy it
08/dec - Johan van Puyvelde, Deinze, B via Jan B. Luen



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