07517 65
275 GTB Competizione Clienti, short nose, 6-carb, alloy, RHD 
wet sump, 140 litres gas tank with quick release gas cap behind right door, 3 vents in rear fenders

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - P. West, UK, raced by West - Hill Climbs  
70 - John McCartney, UK  
74 - Martin Johnson, UK  
7. - Brian Classic, Bucklow Hill, Cheshire, UK  
77/mar - offered by Classic in T&CC 3/77 p57
7. - David C. Nelson, USA  
7. - John Hadjuk, Chicago, IL, USA  
82 - offered by Joe Marchetti's International Auto Ltd., Chicago, IL, USA C21 p15
8. - Don Walker, Dallas, TX, USA  
8. - offered by Fantasy Junction, CA, USA  
84 - Erich Traber, Bern, CH    
8. - restored at Graber, CH; the car had a shunt and was restored into long nose configuration
96/nov/20 - offered by Mario Bernardi, Hann.Muenden, D for DM 580,000.-  
97/may - Mohammed Kamal Syed, PKN (UK) - red/black "GBL 275C"
98/apr/14-18 Tour Auto William Schworer/     Benedict Wang #188 "1 XKM"
99/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Mohammed Syed/       Benedict Wang #225 "GBL 275C"
99 - rebuilt back to short nose configuration, repainted yellow
00/apr/10-15 Tour Auto Mohammed Syed/       Benedict Wang #225
00/jun/23 - NS - Brooks Goodwood auction
04/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Anil Thadani/           Heinecke #179
04/jun/15-20 275 anniversary tour Mohammed Syed/ Saniya Syed #12
0. - Anil Thadani, IND (UK)
05/apr/25-30 Tour Auto Anil Thadani/         Chansrichawl Gurdist #54 "GBL 275C"
06/apr/24-29 Tour Auto Anil Thadani/             Ravi Wadhwani #27
06/sep/05-10 Louis Vuitton Classic Boheme Run, Budapest-Vienna-Prague Anil Thadani
11/apr/11-16 Tour Auto Anil Thadani #61
12/apr/24-29 Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run Anil Thadani
14/sep/03-05 Salon Prive, Syon Park
Class B – 50 Years of the Ferrari 275
Anil Thadani  


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