07271 65
Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Clienti, short nose, 6-carb, alloy, LHD
Red with a white circle around the nose opening
engine 402/64 
wet sump, 140 litres gas tank with quick release gas cap behind right door, 3 vents in rear fenders
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/may - Joao Gaspar, P  
65 - Aquiles de Brito, P  
65/jul/16-17 3rd Montes Claros Aquiles de Brito #38  
65/jul/ 24-25 2nd Cascais Aquiles de Brito #24  
65/aug/29 1st Vila do Conde Aquiles de Brito #39  
65/nov/27 2nd Luanda GP Aquiles de Brito #39
65/nov/28 9th OA GP Angola Aquiles de Brito #39  
66/apr/30 1st Pena hillclimb Aquiles de Brito #39  
66/may/29 2nd Santa Luzia hillclimb Aquiles de Brito #39  
66/jul/02-03 1st Montes Claros Aquiles de Brito #42  
66/jul/09-10 dnf Vila Real Aquiles de Brito #53  
66/jul/22-24 4th Cascais Aquiles de Brito #41  
66/aug/12-14 dns Porto Aquiles de Brito #37  
66/aug/27-28 dnf Vila do Conde Aquiles de Brito #37  
67 - Carlos Santos, P - repainted blue metallic  
67 - Jorge Fausto Figueiredo, P  
.. - Antonio Espirito Santo, P  
.. - Manuel Luis Gomes Cabaco, a dealer who exported many cars after the 1974 revolution  
77 - Bart Rosman, NL - repainted French blue  
96   Mugello Bart Rosman    
96/jun - offered for PDS 250.000 by DK Engineering, Watford, UK  
97/sep - José Albuquerque, P "MR-72-30" 
98/apr/14-18 Tour Auto José Albuquerque/ Martin Stretton #14
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days José Albuquerque #35
99/jul/02-04 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring José Albuquerque #152
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone José Albuquerque #152
00/apr/28-may/01 Spa Ferrari Days José Albuquerque #61
03/apr/07-12 Tour Auto José Albuquerque/ Madalena Sousa #84
04/jun/15-20 275 anniversary tour José Albuquerque/     Madalena Sousa #8
05/apr/25-30 Tour Auto José Albuquerque/     Madalena Sousa #172
05/may/07-10 6th Modena Cento Ore Classic José Albuquerque/ Madalena Sousa #9 C148 p30
08/apr/03-08 Bahrain Ferrari Classics Francisco Albuquerque



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