Ferrari 250 LM


6313 1965 sold 22/apr/65
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 166/LM
two wiper spindles
Rosso Cina/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1965/apr - Ecurie Francorchamps, B  
1965/apr - repainted in Belgian racing color, yellow. Pininfarina badge on right front fender behind the arch.
Removable bar over gearbox, enabling removal of engine with gearbox in one.

Important Disclaimer:

Ecurie Francorchamps was also racing second 250 LM, s/n 6023, however that other car had a single wiper spindle only.

Travel carnets were required for unregistered cars to cross borders. If whichever car originally intended for a particular race was not race-ready, the chassis tags of 6023 and 6313 would be swapped as needed, to match any previously-obtained travel carnet. Consequently, racing records have to be reconciled against photographic evidence to determine which of the two cars was racing where, and/or with which race number!
1965/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Gustave Gosselin /
Jean Claude Franck
1965/may/16 8th OA 4th IC 500km de Spa Jean Claude Franck #4 Delsaux p314
1965/may/23 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring Langlois van Ophem /
#6 250LM p60
1965/jun/19-20 2th OA 24h Le Mans Pierre Dumay /
Gustave Gosselin
#26 FaLM p81, 130         C29 p25     C127 p35 250LM p64, 65         Scarlet Passion p73 C131 p11
Important Note:
After the right rear tyre blew, repairs to the engine cover necessaried twin weld lines where new sheet metal was inserted. Those remained evident, serving to authenticate s/n 6313 in subsequent years, up until late 2002.
1965/jul/03 dnf 12h Reims Pierre Dumay /
Gustave Gosselin
1965/nov/28 11th Angola GP Langlois van Ophem #5  
.. - ............., F
1973/apr - David Piper, GB
Important Note:
Coming out of David Piper's ownership, 6313 carried the chassis tag of 6023 (also owned by him at that time), and had engine 16/LM from 5909 installed, however the latter also stamped 6023.
These altered numbers caused 6023 and 6313 to be mis-identified for one-another for nearly 30 years, although the aforementioned two wiper spindles and twin weld lines in the repaired engine cover always reliably distinguished 6313.
The tags in both cars, and the engine stamping, would finally be corrected around 2017.
197. - Dr. Hamilton Kelly, CA, USA via Tom Meade
197. - Harley Cluxton, Phoenix, AZ, USA
1975/jan/16 - G.E. 'Bud' Keeney, USA - paid $25,000
1976/jun/23 - Kimball McCloud, San Mariono, CA, USA  
1980 - while dismantled due to restoration, McCloud discovered the right rear damage, confirming his car as 6313, not 6023
1984/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Kimball McCloud
1984/aug/25-26 Monterey Historic Races Kimball McCloud
1985 - Richard Freshman, Las Vegas, NV, USA - Fossil Motorsport
1989 - Unconfirmed reports claim Freshman had obtained the correct motor for (what he believed to be) 6023 from O'Neil, and had it fully restored.
1990/feb - offered by Fossil Motorsport for $6,750,000.-  
1990/jul - Fossil Motorsport 818-709-0694  
1990/aug/13 - Boo Brasta, S - paid $5,3mio
1990 - ..........., J paid $5.5mio  
1991 - Art Sports, J
1991 - Nakajima's Vintage, J
1991/mar/31 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - highbid $5,0mio  
1992/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Vintage/Coys
1992/aug - S - Coys auction - $1,707,750.- FOC 95 p31
1996 - Prince Jeffrey - brother of Sultan of Brunei  
1999/aug/29 - S - Christie's at Pebble Beach - $2,147,500.- incl. buyer's prem. Misidentified as 6023.  
1999/aug/29 - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - asking $2.6mio  
2000/feb - offered by SMC - red/black
2000/mar - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK  
2000/may - still offered by SMC
2000/jul - offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK asking $2.?mio (still misidentified as 6023)
2000/aug - still offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK C124 p4
2001/oct - still offered by Duncan Hamilton & Co. Ltd., UK,
Now correctly identified as 6313 !
C125 p12
2001 - Juan Barazi, DK (UK)
2002/apr Tour Auto Juan Barazi
2002/aug/17-18 Shelsley Walsh Juan Barazi #219
2002/sep/06-08 Goodwood Revival Meeting Juan Barazi #4
2002 - Total Restoration by DK Engineering.
Engine cover was not salvagable and had to be replaced with a newly fabricated unit. The damaged lid was retained to preserve evidence of the 1965 repairs.
2003/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Juan Barazi #26
2004/jul/23-25 dns 2nd Le Mans Classic Juan Barazi/ Michael Vergers #35
2005 - Carlos Monteverde, London, UK (BR)
2005/jun/24-26 disq. Spa Ferrari Days, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. C Carlos Monteverde #90
2006/jul/08-09 69th 3rd Le Mans Classic, Grid 4 Carlos Monteverde /
Gary Pearson
2006/sep/01-03 4th OA Goodwood Revival Meeting, Whitsun Trophy Gary Perason #26 C156 p57
2006/oct/20-21 - displayed on Ecurie Francorchamps stand, Brussels Retro Festival
2007/aug/31-sep/02 Goodwood Revival Meeting Gary Pearson #26
2008/apr/05-06 1st Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 1 Carlos Monteverde #96
2008/apr/05-06 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 2 Gary Pearson #96
2008/may/31-jun/01 dnf Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Paul Ricard, race 1 Carlos Monteverde #96
2008/may/31-jun/01 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Paul Ricard, race 2 Carlos Monteverde #96
2009/jun/28   Ferrari Owners' Club Concours at Boughton House   #41  
2009/sep/18-20 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Whitsun Trophy Gary Pearson #26
2010/jan/23 XIX. Cavallino Classic Carlos Monteverde
2012/may/26-27 Spa Classic
2013/oct/04-06 1st OA 10,000 Tours du Castellet, Nastro Rosso, race 1 Carlos Monteverde / Gary Pearson #99  
2013/oct/04-06 1st OA 10,000 Tours du Castellet, Nastro Rosso, race 2 Carlos Monteverde / Gary Pearson #99  
2014/may/17   Spa Classic Carlos Monteverde / Gary Pearson #99  
2015/sep/11   Goodwood Revival Carlos Monteverde / Gary Pearson #28  
2017/jul/01 - Year-long Classiche restoration completed. Presented in Le Mans 1965 specification.
Chassis Number 6313 and ID plate fitted by Ferrari.
Engine 16/LM stamping corrected by Ferrari to show 5909.
2017/dec/13 – “Red Book” Classiche certification granted, book issued  
2019/sep/23   Salon Privé Tour   #26  
2020/sep/04   Hampton Court Concours of Elegance   #26  
2022/sep/16   Goodwood Revival Meeting   #77  
2023/jul/22   Barkaways Open Day      
2023/aug/30   Salon Privé   #26  




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