5805GT 64
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, S1, RHD 
Grigio Argento with VM 8500 black leather
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - Maranello Concessionaires, GB
64/jul/03 - William ( "Bill" ) Knott, Dorset, UK "BK 47"
According to Richard Allen, in the late eighties somebody in England wanted to have a Nembo (Giorgio Neri / Luciano Bonacini) spider replica built, but not wanting a British built one i.e. like the ex-Barraclough copy 4773GT, went to Italy and met with Giorgio Neri (the Ne of Nembo) to commission him to build a body on a chassis that he would provide - 5805GT.  
Neri built up a body buck and formed a new aluminium body over this to suit the 330 GT 2+2 chassis which his workshop shortened and modified accordingly.   The instigator of the project then ran out of funds, the project came to a halt and was laid to one side in a storage area.  
Subsequently Giorgio Neri retired from work. When Richard Allen heard of the project some years later he travelled to Italy to see if it was viable to resurrect. A deal was agreed and the partially completed car was shipped back to England for completion. The completion of the car was put in the hands of Hayward & Scott of Basildon, Essex, with final mechanical preparation for road worthiness done by Neil Cornes of Cornes & Chiltern Hunt.  
92 - Richard Allen, UK
01/may/26-28 Coys Historic Festival, Rockingham Richard Allen
17/mar/29 - H&H, Imperial War Museum.
Lot 36 - Proceeds donated to East Anglian Air Ambulance Service
Sold £609,500
17/mar/29 - .............., ...  



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