5543GT 64
250 GT/L, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
.. - Rob de la Rive Box, CH  
.. - Richard F. Merritt & Manfred Lampe, USA  
74 - Ernest Beutler, Southfield, MI, USA   
74/apr - offered for sale by Beutler - New paint, tires & brakes. Needs carpeting & new leather on seats. Engine very strong but uses quart of oil every 250 miles.
74 - D. Cunningham, USA - as part exchange for 0322AM  
.. - Don Kuhn, Darlington, PA, USA
82/may/17 - offered by Don Kuhn, PA, USA at 412-921-7909 - Black with black
interior.  Excellent one-year-old paint. Seats recovered, wire wheels polished,
2,500 miles on complete engine rebuild
.. - Philippe Lancksweert, NL
.. - restored in Italy
02/may - Bart Kraak, NL - Blu Celeste/dark blue "AL-17-58"
02/apr/27 Classic Ferrari Meeting, Hilversum Bart Kraak
03/jun/05-07 Three Castles Welsh Trials Bart Kraak #56
05/jan - offered by VSOC, NL
05/mar - Gordinier, Richmond, Virginia, USA via VSOC, NL
05 - partly restored by Bruno Saft, D

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