4257GT 62
Ferrari 250 GTE, S3, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Maranello Concessionaires, GB
.../... - rebodied as TR replica with fiberglass body-kit produced in Arizona  
90/... - Russell Cowles of Minneapolis, MN, USA, through Robert Bodin of World Ferrari, Long Lake, MN.

Attempted to correct visual, mechanical, electrical, fuel, cosmetic and performance issues and to make the car safe and competitive for Vintage racing events. Installed a detachable roll bar, the correct carbs, intake manifold and accelerator linkage, fuel manifold and fuel lines and pump; had a correct electrical panel fabricated, obtained a set of correct instrument panel gauges, had a riveted aluminum “period style” fuel tank fabricated, installed correct gear shift tower and tweaked the suspension.

Purchased, but never installed correct engine timing chain cover and low profile oil sump.
92/... - engine failure  
93/... - Gregory S. Jones, Sewall's Point, FL with original engine 4257GT  
9. - Engine 4257 sold off separately  
9. - C.E., US. Had Greg Jones install a salvaged engine from 1964 330 GT, 6533GT, into fiberglass-bodied replica. (Another, aluminum-bodied recreation was also commissioned, but assigned a different, unknown chassis number, then sold to Australia and raced.)  
99 - ...........  
17/dec/06 - Bonhams Olympia Auction, London
Lot 230 - Est. £300,000 - 400,000 €330,000 - 450,000 - Withdrawn
18/apr/04 – consigned to Coys, Private Treaty Sales  



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