4121GT 63/jan/15   *** 51st ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, LHD
Steel, open headlights, factory hardtop
Silvergrey met./silver top
Chassis Tipo 539/61
Engine Tipo 168/61
Numero interno 764/62
Gearbox Tipo 539/61
Camshafts 128D
Camshaft lift 9mm
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Carbs 36DCS 
226.8hp at 7,000
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63/mar/18 - Marquis Medici de Vascelo, Torino, I
63/mar/30 - I.MO.SA. SpA, Torino, I Marquis Medici de Vascelo
65/mar - Franco Rol, Torino, I
69/jun - Ruggero Manca, Torino, I
70/nov - Rob de la Rive Box, CH who exported it to USA
71 - Rick Jackson, USA
72 - traded with Circle Porsche/Audi dealer, Long Beach, CA, USA
72/nov - Kenneth H. & Marie Thomas, Lakewood, CA, USA - in derelict condition
75 - restored by Ken Thomas (Mercedes mechanic), repainted Ford dark red AMS 12/77 p116-118 "417AZX (CA)"
84/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Ken & Marie Thomas
91/aug/20 Ferrari Owners Club Concours, Laguna Seca Ken Thomas
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 8 Kenneth & Marie Thomas
94/aug/26 Concorso Italiano, Quail Lodge Kenneth Thomas
95/jun/24 Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills Ken Thomas
97/apr/19 Rodeo Drive Concours Kenneth Thomas
02/may/23-26 display FCA National Concours, L.A., class 2 Ken Thomas
02/may/23-26 Trofeo GT FCA National Concours, L.A. Ken Thomas
03/aug/16 - NS - RM's Monterey Sportscar auction - highbid $1,3mio
03/nov - Klaus Werner, Wuppertal, D
04/may/17-19 California Dreaming Meet Klaus Werner
05 - Jeremy Agace, MC - paid €1.7mio "JA 131"
08/oct/29 - NS - RM's Automobiles of London auction - highbid PDS 2,625mio (~ $4,2mio)
.. - Jean-Pierre Slavic, Mies, CH "AUJ 92A"
.. - repainted dark grey/tan/tan dashboard...
11/may/20-22 1st IC Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este, class E Jean-Pierre Slavic C184 p72
12 - Talacrest Ltd., Ascot, Berkshire, UK
12/jun - offered by Talacrest Ltd.
15/jan/22 Best of Show Bella Macchina Trophy Jet Center Party Tom Hartley Jr
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello      



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