3949SA 62/oct/20  *** 2nd ***
Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupé Aerodinamico PF, S2, LHD 
Covered headlights
Rosso Cina/black with red piping
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Torino Salon show car FP p240
62/dec - Alfred Erwin Goldschmidt, Stamford, CT, USA (son of German banker Jakob Goldschmidt who fled Germany in 1933)  
- Goldschmidt took delivery of it in Davos, CH
63/mar/11 - serviced at Assistenza Clienti
63 - exported to USA
67/apr 4th Annual FCA Meeting & Concours, Showboat Inn, Greenwich Erwin Goldschmidt
70 - Anthony Goldschmidt, NY, USA (after his father's death) C7 p24
70 - Anthony Goldschmidt, CA, USA
77 - cosmetical & mechanical renovation at Bill Rudd's L.A. shop
95/oct/01 Newport Beach Concours Tiamo Motor Cars
02/may/23-26 display FCA National Concours, L.A., class 8 Leslie Kendall
03 - Ron Pratte, USA
0. - Lee Herrington, Bow, NH, USA
06/jan/21 Gold XV. Cavallino Classic, class 10 Lee Herrington C152 p35
07/mar/11 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Lee Herrington
12/aug/18 - S - Gooding & Co.'s Pebble Beach auction - $2,365mio (€1,915mio) incl. buyer's prem
12/aug/18 - ..............., .. re-painted blue
16/mar/12 - RM Sotheby's Amelia Island Auction - Sold $4,400,000
2016/mar/12 -  Laurence Graff, UK
2017/sep/10 Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello

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