3695GT 62/jul/28   *** 82nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Lusso, steel, LHD
engine no. interno 368/62E

Monza outside gas filler set in the left rear fender
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - M. L. Caccia, I  
6. - James X. Mullen, Massachussetts, USA
.. - painted dark grey  
79/apr/01 Cannonball Run Jim & Joan Mullen AMS 9/79 p14
90/nov - Yoshikuni Okamoto, J via David Gizzi $820.000.-  
90 - restoration started at EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Car was running, with engine 368/62, albeit extensive rust damage and evidence of a previous crash in the right door post
94 - basket case moved to Tillack and restoration completed - yellow/blue  
96/aug/18 Pebble Beach Concours, class M Yoshikuni Okamoto
98/jan - Cavallino Holdings, Seattle, WA, USA via David Gizzi & Scott Cote for $540.000.-  
98 - Original engine obtained from Steve Tillack, CA  
98/apr - not satisfied with the engine's performance, the owner had the engine completely stripped and rebuilt  
00/aug/20 - S - Christie's Pebble Beach auction - $886.000.- incl. buyer's prem.  
00/aug/20 - Randy Reiss, L.A., CA, USA
01/may/20   Concours at the South Coast Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes      
01/jun/17 California Classic on Rodeo Drive Randy Reiss
01/aug/18 Best of show Concorso Italiano Randy Reiss
02/may/23-26 Gold FCA Annual Meeting, North American Field & Driving Concours, L.A., class 3 Randy Reiss
04/aug/13   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering Randy Reiss    
07/sep/16-20 Colorado Grand Randy Reiss /       Tony Singer #46
13/aug/13   The Quail Rally Randy Reiss    

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