Ferrari 250 GTE
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
77/April/17 - Glencoe, Illinois, USA - dark blue/tan  
.. - red/tan  
83/jan - Ed Niles, LA, USA  
83 - Walt Bruckner, San Marino, CA  
83/jun - engine s/n 3661 GT - for sale FML 0811  
85/Jun - Carey Kendall, CA - car  
90/Jun/9 - for sale in FML by C.L. Kendall
Just completing restoraiton, red/tan, Engine bay detail, fresh correct interior, rebuilt Borranis and very strong mechanicals $125,000
91/Jan/5 - for sale in FML by Carey Kendall, Santa Barbara $97,500 with engine 3421GT  
.. - Jerry Bensinger, Youngstown, Ohio, USA - engine  
.. - engine ended up in a fake 250 TR claming also the identity 3661  
91/Jan/2. - Juergen End, Heusweiller, G
GTO front fender vents, no aluminum trim strip on hood, deeper dished Borranis
2000/Jan/.. - for sale owner is asking 170.000 DM incl VAT  
18/feb – on consignment with Cargold, Beuerberg/Rosenheim, DE. Asking €449,800  
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