3593GT 62
Ferrari 250 GTE
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
.. - damaged by fallen tree  

90s/mid - Joseph W. Moch, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Parted by Terry Myr; engine and differential installed into 0373GT

90s - …………, MI, US. Remaining parts purchased. Body mated with late model race car chassis to produce the pushrod V8-powered ‘FrankenFerrari’ for road racing. Offered on eBay in April 2009 in Michigan. Changed owners again around 2011 after showing up on Craig’s List in Michigan. Damaged body was eventually removed after a crash. Body still in Michigan as of 2018.  
02/Aug/02 - frame auctioned on ebay  
02/Aug/02 - ………….. . Subsequently used in an SWB recreation  
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