3185GT 62   *** 35th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, LHD
Covered headlights (covered with net, not glas), steel, hardtop
Chassis Tipo 539/61
Engine Tipo 168/61
Gearbox Tipo 539/61
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Dott. Giacomo Rescigno, Salerno, I
6. - imported to the States by Roma Automobili of Beverly Hills, CA, USA
- painted medium grey-blue met./red; the front was crunched with damage to the bodywork, grille and headlight covers (cracked)
69 - Peter Helm, Studio City, CA, USA (actor)
76 - John Hadjuk, Motorkraft shop, Bensenville, Illinois, USA "365 DZS (CA) "
76 - Roger S. Meiners, Detroit, MI, USA

"I purchased this car in 1976 from John Hadjuk.  It was silver with a silver hardtop.  It had the wire mesh headlight covers that were in the photo published in *The Spyder California, A Ferrari of Particular Distinction* by George M. Carrick (Page 69).  The car was previously owned by Peter Helm in the state of California (I have the old registration slips).  The wire mesh headlight covers were added, I believe, after the car's front end was damaged.  I inspected the nose of the car and found thick Bondo covering dented and torn metal. I then had Hadjuk rebuild the engine and transmission and detail the engine compartment, also installed a complete rear axle from a 250 PF Coupe because the California's axle needed to be rebuilt.  The 250 PF had overdrive, so the rear axle ratio was too low for highway driving.  I sold both axles with the car to Mulacek. Dr. Ron Mulacek replaced the nose of the car when he restored it." Roger Meiners


79 - Dr. Ron Mulacek, La Grange, IL, USA - re-painted red
79 - FCA Ladies Choice
.. - Jarold Evans, Portola Valley, CA, USA
81 - Reinhard Otto Elich, D
86 - anonymous, D
86/jun/06-08 FOC Treffen, Internationales Oldtimer Festival, Nuerburgring anonymous Auto Welt 2/86 p190 "OHA-XX 12"
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring anonymous
91/aug/08-11 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring anonymous C66 p33
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 8 anonymous C84 p28
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari anonymous
06/sep/01-03 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring anonymous
07/may/22-24 60 anni Ferrari anonymous "GÖ-X2 H"    Via Abetone 02/07 p47 
11/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia anonymous C186 p52 (owner's name listed)
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello anonymous    
18/sep/18-22   Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche, Sardinia, IT anonymous    


Note: Owner's name removed on his request

Some Ferrari owners don't want - for whichever reasons – anyone to know that they own one or several of these wonderful cars.

But in the same hand, these owners participate in events like the Ferrari meeting during the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix or in Ferrari's 50th Anniversary Celebration in Rome and Maranello; these events are/were at least partly accessible to the public.

If someone takes a photo of the car with its registration plate in a public event, the owner does not have the legal right to prohibit the photographer from publishing this photo.

If the name of the owner is either listed in a publicly available entry list or later on published in a publicly available magazine (like "auto welt", published in the 1980s and 1990s by Auto Becker), the owner has no legal right to prohibit the photographer from adding this information with source reference to the photo.

Many owners don't really know about the legal conditions regarding these matters. Out of this ignorance, they threaten publishers and event organizers either with "legal actions" (which would be pointless) or by announcing that they would never again participate in an event like the one during which they were spotted.

www.barchetta.cc do know about the legal conditions VERY well. However, it is not our intention to cause harm to publishers or event organizers (like Ferrari Italia or Ferrari Deutschland GmbH) or any other third party who might be threatened by ignorant owners and customers. We do want that as many cars as possible will be publicly shown in future events.

For this reason, www.barchetta.cc willingly and obligingly removed the names of certain owners from our website. It just should be pointed out that the characters in question did NOT have any legal right to ask for the removal of particular information since the latter were collected in an accurate and totally legal way.

The editors




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