3141GT 61
Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2, S2, LHD
Oro Chiaro / Beige  
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62/feb/15 - Alfred Stevens, BE via Garage Francorchamps (Jacques Swaters)  
81 - Paul Noakes, Guildford, UK. Now black “EUW 982 V”
83 - Paul M. Nacol, Houston, US. Now red  
88/mar - Patrick E. Bush, Gibsonia, PA, USA  
94/aug/23-30 GTE Gathering, Monterey Patrick Bush
94/aug/24 2nd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 16 Patrick Bush
94/aug/26 Concorso Italiano, Quail Lodge Patrick Bush
96/aug/30 Strada Automobili Award FCA National Concours, Watkins Glen Patrick Bush
96/aug/30 Gold FCA National Concours, Watkins Glen, class 6 Patrick Bush
99/may/26-30 FCA Annual Meeting, Atlanta Patrick & Lois Bush
00 - relocated to Birmingham, AL – but Pennsy. plates “SH 20”
01/may/31-jun/02 FCA Annual Meet, Concours, Dallas Patrick Bush
2016/oct - Offered by Gullwing Motor Cars, Astoria, NYC. 81,000 km. Asking $475,000  



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