3095GT 61/dec/19   *** 31st ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, LHD
Metallic dark blue/red
Steel, side vents, hood scoop, covered headlights, hardtop
Chassis Tipo 539/61
Engine Tipo 168/61
Gearbox Tipo 539/61
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/dec - Italauto SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
61/dec - M. Babour, Switzerland  
65 - Dr. Stephen L. Safran, Grenoble, F via Toulo de Graffenried - 15.000km
66 - nose stripped and repainted due to a small incident
"The hard top was painted metallic blue to match the body and had a perforated white liner, and the soft top was black cloth. The car featured a 168/61 engine (late model) with 128E late model heads, 3 - 40mm webers (40 DCL/6,) a 9.2 compression ratio and an Abarth Lusso 128F late model exhaust system. It was later fitted with "sport" cams. While the "build sheets" show it as a 1961, it was registered as a 1962, not a '61.  Other features of the car were a semi-locked rear axle with 8x32 gearing,  Koni adjustable shock absorbers, a heavy duty clutch and disk brakes all around. The original wheels were Borrani center locking polished aluminum wire wheels with chromed spokes & hubs in original size 15 x 5 1/2-RW fitted with 185 x 15 tyres. These tyres were later changed to 205 x 15.  A burglar alarm had been installed with a "round" key located on the rear deck below the trunk lid on the right hand side. There was no radio. A feature unique to that car was a tab I had welded onto the accelerator pedal giving it the shape of a reverse "L" to aid in heel-and-toe shifting when driving at high speeds (there were no speed limits in Europe at that time!) The car was maintained by Garage Montchoisy in Geneva, Switz., the Ferrari Concessionnaire (more specifically by the chief mechanic named "Chequin"). The rear axle was re-built and the engine tuned by Piero Drogo in Maranello in 1967 (the Ferrari factory sent me "down the street" to him since he was working on their racing cars at the time) and later, in 1968, when I moved to England, the engine swallowed a valve and "holed" a piston and was rebuilt by Maranello Concessionaires, Ltd."
68 - exported to USA by Safran; 93.000miles
68 - Bob Grossman, Nyack, NY, USA
.. - ................., CA, USA
81 - Pierre de Siebenthal, Chem. du Viaduc, Lausanne/Malley, CH - with covered headlights, red/black "NE 620 U" MR 82/83 p100 Spyder California p169 
81/nov - offered by Pierre de Siebenthal, Ch. du Viaduc, Lausanne/Malley, CH in AMS 23/81 p120:

"Ferrari Spyder Prototyp California, farinarot, Chassis Nr. 775, Ferrari California SWB, Chassis Nr. 3095, Ferrari 275 GTS, silber, Chassis Nr. 0761 S, Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Daytona, gelb (Plexi), Chassis Nr. 12531, alle Fahrzeuge befinden sich im Neuzustand. Tel.: Schweiz 0041/21/244965 (H)"

82 - Fritz-Karl Schwaer, Lausanne, CH "VD 19990"     
82/mar - offered in AMS for SFr. 185,000.- AMS 6/82 24.03.1982
82/jul - offered in AMS by Garage Pierre de Siebenthal, 1008 Prilly, Chem. du Viad.-Mall., CH-021/244965 AMS 15/82 p66 28.07.1982
89 - ............., NB, USA PH92 p30
.. - ................, F
0. - Emilio Gnutti, Brescia, I
0. - factory certified
.. - Tom Price, US  
..- ........., UK "250 FER"
.. - ................, UK "68LL"
14/aug/22-24 - Belgian GP parade car with Kimi  
15/aug/15-16 - Gooding & Company Pebble Beach Auction
Lot 129 $16,000,000 - $18,000,000 - Sold $16,830,000
15/aug/15 - ..................., ..  



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