3085GT 62/jan
Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II, LHD
grigio conchiglia metallizzato Italver 18933M/rosso 3171
PF body# 29955
factory hardtop
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/dec12 - entered the Pininfarina plant  
62 - Guandolini, I  
(much) later: exported to the USA  
70's/mid - George Rudman, Chatsworth, CA, USA  
76/oct - Anderson Auto, Mesquite, TX, USA  
81/oct - Robert Lloyd's Connoisseur Motors, Justin, TX/USA asking price 12.500,-$
"in need of a total restoration"
82/may - still for sale by Llyod  
82 - James D. Weinstein, Bridgeport, WV, USA  
80's/mid - totally restored, repainted black with red leather,
customized - with headlight covers added, nose lengthened, inclined windshield without vent windows
87 - Jim Phelan (dealer), Free Union, WV, USA asking price 145.000,-$  
later - exported to Europe  
80's/late - repainted red with a black leather interior; covered headlights removed  
90/aug/11 - NS - Coys Nuerburgring auction, Estimate: DM440k - 550k  
90/later - apparently stored at Oldtimer Garage Ltd., Toffen, CH  
91/may/10 - NS - The Sportscar Geneva Auction - $274,720 + comm.  
93/apr - still stored at Oldtimer Garage Ltd., Toffen, CH  
90's/mid - Paul Schär (dealer), Fribourg area, CH  
98/mar - Philippe Olczyk (dealer), Paris, F (+33/(0)1/47203475) asking price FF850.000,-  
98 - ............, I  
01 - Uli Baur, München, D  


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