2845GT 61/aug/29   *** 35th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
80mm chassis 
"SEFAC Hot rod"
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Scuderia Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia Srl., Modena, I "MO 68810"
61/sep/14-23 3rd OA Tour de France Maurice Trintignant / Paul Cavrois #142 Pourret p269, 272           TdF p164 
61/oct/22 12th OA 12th IC 1000km Paris,
Joakim Bonnier/
Graham Hill
#2 Les Grandes Heures de Monthlery p296    Pourret p132, 325           C190 p12, 14
62/feb/06 - Cartiere del Timavo SpA, Trieste, I (Pietro Ferraro)
62/jul/08 16th OA 3rd IC Trento-Bondone hillclimb Pietro Ferraro    
62 - Egidio Nicolosi, Trieste, I
62/jul/22 7th IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Egidio Nicolosi #366 T-O p327     "TS 49424"
62/oct/14 2nd OA Coppa d'Autunno,
Egidio Nicolosi
7. - Rob de la Rive Box, Villmergen, CH  
7. - Benito Mantegani, CH "BE 30017"
75 - ..............., CH
78 - Massimo Colombo, I (broker)  
78 - Archibald von Wegner, Saarbruecken-Eschringen, D
7. - additional lamps in grille, chromed air intake on bonnet, one chromed mirrow on driver's side, flared wheel arches "SB-A 250"
78/aug/12-13 1st IC Oldtimer GP,
Archibald von Wegner #101
79/aug/11-12 Oldtimer GP,
Archibald von Wegner #175
80/aug/16-17 Oldtimer GP,
Archibald von Wegner #162 F250SWB p37
80   Hockenheim ring Archibald von Wegner #17  
81 - Dr. Gerhard Schoenleber, Fuerth, D - actively raced  
81/apr/11-12 8th OA CSAI Cup, GTS class, Monza Gerhard Schoenleber #8
81/may/23-24 2nd IC GT race,
Gerhard Schoenleber #44
81/aug/15-16 3rd IC Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #259
82/apr/03-04 5th CSAI Cup,
GT & GTS class, Monza
Gerhard Schoenleber #74 HCR No.2 p31
82 - grille lamps removed, chrome on air intake removed, wipers removed, two black mirrors
82/may/15-16 2nd IC FISA Cup, Zandvoort Gerhard Schoenleber #93
82/aug/07-08 3rd IC GT race, Zolder Gerhard Schoenleber #70
82/aug/14-15 1st IC Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #251
83 2nd Graf Berghe v. Trips Cup Gerhard Schoenleber    
84/may acc. Prix Maritim,
Gerhard Schoenleber  
- car was rolled !  
84/aug/18-19 Oldtimer GP,
Rennen 10
Gerhard Schoenleber #219
84/oct 2nd Graf Berghe v. Trips Cup Gerhard Schoenleber #45 MK 1/85, p126
84 - side pipes, roll cage fitted
85/aug Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #294
87/aug/14-16 Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #455
88/aug/11-14   Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #161 T&CC 10/88 p11 FMC 10/88 p10
90/aug/11-12 Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber
91/jun Jan Wellem Pokal, Nuerburgring Gerhard Schoenleber #40
91/aug/08-11 Oldtimer GP,
Gerhard Schoenleber #469
94 Trophees d'Ardennes,
Gerhard Schoenleber #405
95/oct - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA via Klaus Werner/Martin Eyears $1.3mio  
96 - car inspected by SMC, had correct engine  
96 - car arrived with wrong engine - ? seller had taken out the Comp. engine and replaced by a 250 GTE engine or was it the rumoured replica ?  
96/feb - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,35mio
96/apr - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,35mio
96/jun - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,30mio
96 - the car was returned to Schoenleber  
99/jun - Richard Edwards, UK (dealer)  
00/jan/17 - Steve O'Rourke, UK (Pink Floyd's manager)  
00/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Steve O'Rourke /
Alain de Cadenet
02/feb - offered by Duncan Hamilton & Co. Ltd., UK C127 p5
02 - offered by David Clark, UK
02/sep/06-08 Goodwood Revival Meeting Derek Bell /
Steve O'Rourke
03/oct/30 - O'Rourke died of a stroke
06/oct - undergoing certification at factory
09/apr/01-05 - displayed by Ferrari Classiche at Techno Classica, Essen, D C171 p15
09/sep/18 - Goodwood Revival  in the Earls Court  
10/apr/19-24 Tour Auto David Clark #50 "620 UXM"
10/aug/15 - S - Gooding & Co Pebble Beach auction - $6,105,000.- incl. buyer's prem. C180 p47
10/aug/15 - described by Gooding & Co as such:

"During this time (2006) the replica body was removed from the chassis and the renowned Carrozzeria Brandoli, under the close supervision of the Ferrari Classiche program, carefully restored the original alloy coachwork with great attention to detail and much sympathy. While this was being accomplished, the chassis was completely renovated, as were the engine, gearbox, brakes and suspension. As would be expected of a factory restoration, the work was performed with the intention of returning the car to the correct, as-delivered appearance and specification. Once the original body had been completely restored, it was reunited with the chassis and the interior was restored to as-new condition."

10/aug/15 - Marvin Schein, Melville, NY, USA
11/jan/22 XX. Cavallino Classic Marvin Schein C182 p34
18/feb/07   Retromobile      
18/jul/13   Goodwood Festval of Speed Philippe Cornet   "VD 2845"
19/sep/05   Salon Privé      
20/feb/04   Retromobile      
.. - Martin Halusa, A  
21/jun/10   Modena Cento Ore Martin Halusa
Susanne Halusa
#7 "GR 14696"



At the time Dr. Gerhard Schoenleber of Fuerth/Germany bought 2845GT, he got the original title of 2443GT as well from Von Wegner by incident. 

After Schoenleber was fed up with crashing 2845GT in the many historic races he had attended so far, it is rumoured that a replica 2845GT was build ordered by Schoenleber in the mid-80's using the original title of 2443GT !

Maybe this was the car crashed many times then in forthcoming historic events such like the OGP. Anyway, one thing is for sure: Comparing the pictures of the SWB entered by Schoenleber in all those historic events, one will notice that he entered a SWB at one time with flared wheel arches and at another time without them. At one occassion his SWB had wipers and at another event the wipers were removed and the other way round. Does this make any sense with one and the same car ?

Further more, when Schoenleber sold his car to SMC via Martin Eyears there was reportedly some legal dispute after the car arrived in the States due to the fact that (according to SMC) the car did not arrive in the same configuration as inspected before the purchase. This resulted in an outside court settlement and the return of the car back to Schoenleber.

Today, one can see Schoenleber's son using a SWB-replica in historic events.  

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