2735GT 61/may/30   *** 28th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, RHD 
"SEFAC Hot Rod"
Dark blue/white nose band
engine no. interno - 384 E
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Maranello Concessionaires, GB  
61 - Rob Walker, UK PH45 p30
61/jun/10-11 dnf 24h Le Mans Stirling Moss/        Graham Hill #18 C43 p6       "MO 66178" FaLM p56 Mythos p134 Pourret p191
61/jul/08 1st OA
1st GT+2.0
British Empire Trophy, Silverstone Stirling Moss #32 Scarlet Passion p28
61/aug/07 1st Peco Trophy, Brands Hatch  Stirling Moss #97 C39 p31
61/aug/19 1st OA
1st GT+2.0
Tourist Trophy, Goodwood Stirling Moss #7 C39 p30 F250SWB p90
61/sep/14-22 dns Tour de France Stirling Moss/     Normon Solomon #152
61/dec/03 1st OA 5 Lap GT over 1500cc heat race, Nassau Stirling Moss #4 C136 p62
61/dec/03 1st OA Tourist Trophy, Nassau Stirling Moss #4  
61 - BRP/UDT Laystall, UK  
62/feb/11 dnf Daytona Continental 3h Innes Ireland    
62/apr/07 4th National Open Meeting, Gold Cup, Oulton Park Innes Ireland #3  
62/apr - Christopher Kerrison, UK - repainted silver  
62/apr/23 2nd IC Easter Bank Holiday Meeting, Sussex Trophy, Goodwood Chris Kerrison #57 "MO 66178" C190 p10 
62 - engine rebuilt at factory C190 p11
62/aug/18 acc. Tourist Trophy, Goodwood Chris Kerrison/         Robin Benson #9  
62 - rebodied by Piero Drogo's Carrozzeria Sports Cars PH102 p16 Pourret p192-194              "B 400"
63/apr/15 dnf Easter Monday Meeting, Sussex Trophy, Goodwod Chris Kerrison #49 C95 p36
63/may/12 5th OA 500km de Spa Chris Kerrison #42 C95 p39 Delsaux p278
63/may/19 8th OA 1000 km Nuerburgring Chris Kerrison/        Mike Salmon #113  
63/jun/03 3rd OA Whitsun Trophy, Goodwood Chris Kerrison
63/jul/13 7th Grovewood Trophy, Mallory Park Chris Kerrison #15
63/jul/20 dnf GP Silverstone Chris Kerrison #15
63/aug/05 9th OA 4th IC Guards Trophy, Brands Hatch Chris Kerrison #29 C95 p38 F250SWB p83
63/aug/24 10th OA Tourist Trophy, Goodwood Chris Kerrison/        Peter Sutcliffe #17
dnf (gearbox Tour de France Chris Kerrison/        Peter Raphael #174 250 gt swb p190 drogo TdF p181
64 - repainted green metallic
64/mar/30 dn? Easter Monday Meeting, Sussex Trophy, Goodwood Chris Kerrison
64/may/17 dnf 500km de Spa Chris Kerrison #26 Delsaux p302 C95 p39
64/jul/04 dnf Martini Trophy, Silverstone Chris Kerrison
64/jul/19 6th Preis von Limburg, Zolder Chris Kerrison #3
64/jul/26 1st OA GP Portugal Chris Kerrison
64/aug/03 dnf Guards Trophy, Brands Hatch Chris Kerrison
65 - John Pearce, J.A. Pearce Engineering, Staines, GB
67 - engine installed in 3729GT (250 GTO)  
67 - engine installed from 3635GT 128F (250 GTE) large valves and 46 Webers  
67 - original engine probably burned in a Transporter fire at Silverstone when owned by J.A. Pearce hence the move to engine 3635
67 - Richard 'Dick' Crosthwaite, GB - dark blue C95 p41   "HKP 751D"
6. - Colin Crabbe, GB - in exchange for an OSCA GP car  
6. - crashed by Sir James Scott-Douglas on a trip to Mondello Park hitting a tree  
6. - written off by Crabbe's insurance company
70/jan - Hugh Edgley, Kensington, UK  
7. - complete rebuilt started by Graypaul Motors, GB on behalf of Edgley
.. - correct engine re-installed  
7. - Ronald Stern, GB - as a project
80/feb - advertised in T&CC 2/80 p77
80 - new SWB body by Grand Prix Metalcraft mounted 
8. - original Drogo body used on 3611GT (250 GTE 2+2)  
8. - back to Hugh Edgley, UK - still as a restoration project
8. - rebuilt completed by DK Engineering, UK  
84 - Clive Beecham, London, UK F250SWB colour pages Mythos p130-135      "B 400"          "1 SWB"
92/apr/22-26 Tour de France Auto Clive Beecham / Ronald Stern #81
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Clive Beecham
94/jul/30-31 Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone Clive Beecham
95/jun/24-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Clive Beecham #110 C89 p9
96/jun/21-23 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Clive Beecham
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Clive Beecham
98/sep/18-20 Goodwood Revival Meeting Stirling Moss /
Mark Hales
99/jun/18-20 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Clive Beecham
99/sep/17-19 Goodwood Revival Meeting Jackie Oliver /
John Maston-Taylor
#70 C115 p55
01/jun/07 Ferrari Concours on Bond Street, London Clive Beecham
01/jun/21 Kinnerton Test Day, Rockingham Clive Beecham
03/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Clive Beecham #7
06/jul/01-02 FOC UK Concours, Walton Hall Clive Beecham
07-09 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, new Classiche correct type engine, certified C172 p16
09/apr/30 - "re-delivered" to Sir Stirling Moss at Maranello
09/sep/18-20 display Goodwood Revival Meeting, Sir Stirling Moss Clive Beecham #7 C174 p12
11/sep/16-18 Goodwood Revival Meeting, TT Parade Lap Sir Stirling Moss


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