2707GT 61
Ferrari 250 GTE, S1, LHD

There are currently two cars using chassis number 2707!

1. The “Nembo Spyder” (according to Tom Meade):

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/jul/12 - Guinzio Rossi "TO 391916" (IT)
.. - João Carlos De Medeiros, CH

77/mar - Tom Meade, IT
Imported to Italy through Züst & Bachmeier. Documented with customs papers, targhetta etc. Rebodied as a Nembo spyder for a client in Lebanon (via dealer in Paris). When pushed for delivery, it was shipped off in an incomplete state (not painted).

../.. - ……., LB
03 (approx) - repurchased by Tom Meade, US
18/feb - still in the estate of Tom Meade.
Photo of single-row chassis stamping appears consistent in layout and lettering with other cars of that series and era.

2. The “Drogo” (according to Bertolero):

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/jul/12 - Guinzio Rossi "TO 391916" (IT)
6. - Pierre de Siebenthal, CH  
66 - Converted for racing at Piero Drogo and Giotto Bizzarini. New 2,400 mm body, new suspension 15 cm lower. Engine moved further back. Weber 40 DCL carburetor.
71 acc Nürburgring

72/oct/15 - Luciano Bertolero, Auto Classiche, Turin

03 - restored.

06 - FIA authentication based on a restamped chassis marked "* 2707 * GT".

15 - ..................., Sicily, IT “TO 391916” (IT)
16/may/05-08 Targa Florio #090 entered as
Ferrari 250 GTO - 1971
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