2467GT 61/apr/24   *** 15th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, LHD
Dark red met./black
Steel, covered headlights, velocity stacks
Chassis Tipo 539 
Engine Tipo 168
Numero interno 678F 
Gearbox Tipo 539 
Camshafts 128D
Camshaft lift 9mm 
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Carbs 40DCL6
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Chinetti Motors, NY, NY, USA
61 - D. C. Dunaway, NY, NY, USA  
6. - Eddie Smith, Lexington, NC, USA
6. - Larry Pollard, Durham, NC, USA
69/oct - offered by Pollard in R&T: "Ferrari red, new black leather interior…radio..top shape”, $7.000"  

70 - found by A. J. Bahoric, Fayetteville, NC, USA in back corner of Durham Porsche Audi in very poor condition, rear body damage

7. - repaired and repainted red by Bahoric, outside fuel filler added  
74 - Wesley Devoto, Decatur, GA, USA in even trade for ’71 yellow Pantera, agreed value of each $7.000.-  
74 - repainted fly yellow  
74/sep   FCA Meeting Atlanta Wesley Devoto
78 -  Dr. Terry Clark, Clemson SC, USA - paid $27,000.-  
79 - Roy Thompson, Atlanta, GA, USA - paid $32,000.-  
80 - repainted burgundy, outside filler removed  
89/may/17 - William Kontes, Milville, NJ, USA Spyder California p161
89/jun/02 3rd IC FCA Concours Lake Lanier Island, class 5 Bill Kontes
90/feb - John & Aaron Hsu, Burlingame, CA, USA  
98 - complete restoration at Wayne Obry's shop, repainted dark blue/dark gray interior, outside fuel filler re-installed  
02/mar - Richard Vento, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA - paid $1,6mio
04/aug/17-19 Platinum award FCA International Concours, Monterey, class 3 Richard Vento
07/jan/26-28 Platinum XVI. Cavallino Classic, class 3 Richard Vento

10/may/12 - Cavallino Holdings, Inc., Seattle, WA, USA via Mark Ketcham


Eddie Smith bought his Cal used from Chinetti paying $7,000.  It was sold to a fraternity brother of Eddie Jr. for $5600 around 1966.
Attached are two period photos of different unidentified  Cal spiders in North Carolina. The colour photo supposed to have been at Chapel Hill in Oct 1964. The b&w in Greensboro in 1963.

Sold by Vento to John McCaw 12 May 2010. Ketcham did sale Hopfenbeck represented Vento.




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