2429GT 1961/may/04
Ferrari 250 GT Speciale, GTO engine similar also 2643, 2613, 3615, LHD
Bianco Ermine/dark blue 
PF job no. 99528
tyres 185*15, Comp. engine
Covered headlights, 3 wipers (2 normal,1 one roof)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1961/jun - Franco-Brittanic Auto, Levallois-Perret, F TF p259    Pourret p140 Speciale book about 2643
1961/jun - Maitre Paul Villard, Paris, F (Franco-Brittanic's attorney) C148 p48, 49    "23 LB 75"
1962 - Charles Pozzi SA, F  
1962/jul - Jacques Dembiermont, F (cousin of Pierre Noblet)  
196. - repainted silver or light blue met.
1963/oct - Valentine Abdi, Paris, F (art dealer) via Charles Pozzi  
1963 - Donbieu, F via Charles Pozzi  
1963 - Dechafardon, F via Charles Pozzi  
1963 - Lecroche, F  
1971 - Jacques Boscary, Toulouse, F  
19.. - repainted rosso rubino
1971/dec - car sent to Scuderia Berson, Paris for engine & gearbox rebuilt
1975 Club Ferrari France meeting, Mas du Clos Jacques Boscary #30
1989/oct/01 - NS - Perrin-Royère-Lajeneusse auction, Versailles - highbid $2,414,850 Auto-Moto-Rétro, 109              T&CC 10/89 T&CC 12/89 p40
1989/oct/01 - Sanders van der Velden, NL (together with 2 financial partners)  
199. - restoration started by Piet Roelofs, bodywork reshaped  
199. - Charles Zwolsman, NL  
199. - Frans van der Heuvel, NL
1989-99 - since 10 years jointly owned by more than one person and resides in the Netherlands  
2000 - restoration finished before the Brooks auction  
2000/aug/19 - S - Brooks Quail Lodge auction - $ 1'377'500 incl. buyer's premium  
2000/aug/19 - Peter G. Sachs, Stamford, CT, USA C148 p48-55
200. - repainted silver
2004/jan/24 Class 2
XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza Peter Sachs
2007/oct/21-25 45th anniversary GTO tour Peter Sachs
2012/apr/24-29 Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run Peter Sachs #54
2013/jan/26 La Coppa per 12 Cilindri XXII. Cavallino Classic Peter Sachs   C194 p35
2013/jan/26 Emeritus Cup XXII. Cavallino Classic Peter Sachs    
2013/jan/26 Platino XXII. Cavallino Classic, class 13 Peter Sachs    
2013/jan/27   Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago Peter Sachs  
2017/sep/03   Lime Rock Park Historics Festival 35 Scuderia N.E.    
2019/mar/10 Class F - Ferrari 250 SWB Amelia Island   Scuderia N.E.    
2021/aug/12   Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance Scuderia N.E.    
2021/aug/15   Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Scuderia N.E.    
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