2335GT 60/dec/30   *** 61st *** 
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, RHD
Grigio argento/nero
Engine no. interno 688F
Gearbox no. interno 539/56
Rear axle no. interno 258F
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Louis J.M. Gamet, La Precision Industrielle S.A., Rueil Malmaison, F via Franco-Britannic Autos Ltd, Levallois-Perret, F  

- Gamet ordered this car on 11th July, 1960 by Franco-Britannic Autos Ltd. It should have been supplied new with a competition engine having standard camshafts as well as a rear axle blocking of 8X34.

Some very interesting correspondence between Gamet and the supplying dealer Franco-Britannic Autos Ltd. still exists. Gamet was not delivered the car to the exact specification he had ordered nor was he happy with the service he had received.                

Due to the level of complaint Enzo Ferrari personally got involved and as a goodwill gesture replaced his competition engine with a very special engine from chassis no. 2001, he also authorised a 135 liter fuel tank to be installed, competition suspension and shock absorbers plus fabricated a unique style dash.                   

61/sep/19 - engine 2001GT (250 GT SWB Comp.) installed at factory (no. interno 358F)
engine is stamped 2335GT
82 - Gamet died
82/aug - offered in AMS H.17 p86
82 - Henri Chambon, Cagnes-sur-Mer, F  
83/sep/15-18 Ferrari Days Modena Henri Chambon #168
84 - Mac Blanc, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, F  
95-96 - offered by Blanc asking $500,000.-  
9. - Anthony P. Bamford, Oakamoor, UK "23 VT"
9. - restored by DK Engineering, Watford, UK - grey met./red  
00/dec - offered by Andrew Hall & Peter Bradfield Ltd., London, UK CaS 12/00 p54
01/mar - Eric Clapton, UK via DK Engineering "TFO 599"
0. - Shamir Deen, UK  
04 - offered by Duncan Hamilton & Co., Hook, Hants, UK  
04 - Imaoka, J
06 - Bruce Goddard, Sydney, AUS "SB-37-AK"
09 - offered by Goddard, asking $3,5mio  
11 - Talacrest Ltd., UK - paid $5,0mio T&CC 11/13 p62-70
12/feb/15 - certified by Ferrari Classiche  
15/sep - Gerry McManus, UK  
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