2243GT 60/nov/29   *** 53rd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, steel, LHD
Grey metallic/dark red
Chassis & Engine # 2243 GT
Engine internal # 660F
Gearbox # 539/61
Axle # 309F  8X32 ratio
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/sep/21 - Horace A Gray III visits Chinetti and orders a 1960 Berlinetta; he requests a competition engine, but factory says not possible. Chinetti telephones and writes factory placing order.  
60/oct/22 - factory  acknowledges order and confirms color Grigio conchiglia
16.249 with Connolly dark red leather VM 3171 interior.
60/nov/19 - axle assembled by W. Sghedoni  
60/nov/21 - gearbox assembled by Bellentani  
60/nov/22 - engine assembled by Guerzono and Dellari, tested by Franchini  
60/nov/22 - engine retested by Taddei  
60/nov/28 - chassis frame completed by Franchini   
60/nov/19 - photographed at Modena Autodromo with Franco Gozzi by Sergio
Montovani to illustrate revised Homologation Schedule Ferrari 250 GT SWB
60/nov/29 - consigned to Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc., New York, NY, USA; Fattura
#886/60 $7480.00 including 5 chromed wheels, tools and limited slip differential
60/dec/03 - Certificate of Origin #1526 issued
60/dec/04 - shipped from Genoa, Italy on vessel Vulcania (Italia Lines) via Halifax to New York City  
60/dec/06 - Andrea Merzario SpA confirms shipment and bill of lading No. 61 14/20/4450 ns/ shipping charge $309.26
60/dec/15 - Duty form entry #870976 cut by Intra-Mar Transport, duty paid $635.80
60/dec/21 - Gray's insurance agent provides certificate of insurance. Certificate sent to DMV 23 December
61/jan/12 - Delivered new to Horace A. Gray III, 206 Virginia Ave, Richmond, VA in New York City, USA. He paid $12,950.00. Gray was an airline pilot
61/jan/19 - Bill of Sale on Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc letterhead issued
61/aug - Gray traded 2243GT back to Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA for a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing  
61/aug/14 - David C. Perry,  Bound Brook, NJ, USA via Chinetti in
exchange for "used 1961 Ferrari Conv" valued at $14,500.- against $13,000.-
61/sep/03 - photographed at Thompson, CT. License Plate NJ ?????  
61/sep/21 - Chinetti sells an Osca 1000 (s/n 1001) for $6.500.- to David
C. Perry in exchange for 2243GT valued at $8,000.-, refunds $1500.-
61/sep/26 - Robert A. Norian, Bergenfield, NJ, USA - paid $8.600.-             Delivered at 11th & 54th NYC.  
62/nov - repainted 1957 Cadillac Dakotah Red, Renchard Mason #2590H  
64/feb - Philip A. Litchfield, Katonah, NY, USA purchased 2243GT on recommendation of George Arents "PAL 2 (NY)" 
64/feb/24 - 1964-65 New York inspection sticker 762565 issued
64/dec/15 - traded 2243GT back to Chinetti for a new 330 2+2 (6435) for
$14.200.-, $7.700.- allowed on trade in.
64/dec/21 - Speedcraft, Enterprises, Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA, USA - paid 
$5.000.-  Speedcraft owned by Otto Linton, was authorized Ferrari sales/service
agent with Al Garthwaite.
65/jan - Charles D. Hayes, Jr., USA via Garthwaite
65/feb/12 - advertised in Washington Daily News by Charles D. Hayes, Jr. for $7,500.-
Hayes used Gordon R. Tatum, Jr's shop at 3837 Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington, MD as showroom. Mileage 26,000.-
65/feb - John M. Lundin, 17918 Hood Ave., Homewood, IL, USA. an accountant with Amoco "MC 3643 (MD)"
65/mar. - delivered to Lundin in Maryland and driven to Homewood, IL  
65/apr/24-25 2nd FCA Annual Meeting South Bend, IN John Lundin PH2 p.10-11       "FA 4387"
66/may/14-15 3rd FCA Annual Meeting Bernie Morgan's home in
Indianapolis, IN
John Lundin PH9 p.1-7         PH137 p.28-30 YB66
66 - mechanical rebuild completed by Chaz Pritchard  
6.  - replaced original mirror and limited slip
67/mar - Illinois plate "GT 2243" issued  
67/apr/07-09 Best
Competition Cup 
4th FCA Annual Meeting Greenwich, CT John Lundin PH5/6 1967
67/may/13-14 Bernie Morgan's home during Indianapolis Time
John Lundin
68/apr/12-13 FCA meeting Detroit, MI John Lundin
68/jul/13  Indianapolis FCA Meeting at Indianapolis Motor   Speedway John Lundin
68/oct/26 Tosi's in Stevensvill, MI FCA regional meeting John Lundin PH XXI p.20-21
69/may/29 Displayed at Ken Hutchinson's house Tower Lake, IL John Lundin
69/aug/16-17 FCA Mid Ohio Can
Am race meeting
John Lundin PH26 p.10-12
71/feb/01 - Lundin transferred to 18631 Martinique Dr., Nassau Bay, Houston, TX, USA "SBW 887 (TX)" 
71/apr/23-25  8th FCA Annual Chicago at Chez Paul owned by Carl DeBickero John Lundin PH32 p.3-5
71/nov/05-07 Tour de St Louis regional
meeting Cheshire Inn
John Lundin PH33 p.34-36
72/sep/27 - advertised in FCA News Bulletin for $7.500.-  
72/oct/03 - David & Carol Seielstad, 3550 Ridgewood Ave. #24, Montréal, Québec, CDN PH118 p.20-22 
72/nov/28 - delivered in Nassau Bay, TX mileage 52,900  
73/may/15 - California plate "987 HBG" issued Pourret p114
73/jun/02-03 10th FCA Annual Meeting, Grosse Pointe Yacht Club David Seielstad PH37 p4, 7
74/mar-jul - repainted Ditzler Ferrari red 71508 chip #99 at Custom Paint
Shack, Upper Darby, PA, USA
77/may/10 to 90/nov/04 - stored in Foster City, CA, USA  
89/oct/17 - damaged in Loma Prieta earthquake  
90/nov/06-16 - shipped from Oakland, CA to Nawiliwili, HI, USA  
90/nov - 91/feb - Mechanical overhaul of all systems and components  
91/feb/25 -registered on Hawaii plates "KHP 311"  
91/jul/27  Koloa Days Parade David Seielstad
92/jul/25  Koloa Days Parade David Seielstad
92/sep/11 - damaged in Hurricane Iniki  
92/nov/01-07 - dismantled  
92/nov/23 - dec/03 - shipped from Princeville, HI to Belmont, CA, USA Lurline #265  
92/nov/11 - 94/jul/07 - Sheet metal, sub frame and Hurricane Iniki damage repaired and  repainted with Sikkins 90 Akzo 407 G5 Red.  
94/feb/22 - Shipped back to Nawiliwili on Manukai #594  
94/may/31 - 94/jul/07- Replaced headliner, carpets, dash recovered and remainder of interior refurbished. Car reassembled.  
94/jul/30 Koloa Days Parade David Seielstad
98/jul/25 Koloa Days Parade David Seielstad
03/apr/27 - jun - major cleaning, systems refurbishment etc. in preparation for   Pebble Beach 2003  
03/jun/27 - loaded on Haleakala in container 662560-2  
03/jun/28 - sailed from Nawiliwili to Honolulu
03/jul/04-09 - R.J. Piffier #244 sailed for Oakland
03/july/11 - aug/08 - hood stripped and repainted, other areas on body refinished.
03/aug/14    6th The Tour d'Elegance David Seielstad
03/aug/17    53rd Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, class M-1 David Seielstad PH149 p43
03/aug/18 - delivered to the Behring Collection at Blackhawk, Danville, CA for exhibition FML 2818         UK FOC Ferrari Vol 35 #4 issue 140 pg 37
04/aug/13  2nd The Quail, Quail Lodge, CA David Seielstad
04/aug/17 FCA Annual Meeting Quail Lodge, CA David Seielstad
04/sep/27-31 - sailed on Luriline 533 in container 662427 OAK-HNL
04/sep/03-04 - sailed on Haleakala 437A from HNL to NAW
06/... - Phil Hylander, UK "411 UXU" (GB)
07/... - repainted grey metallic, interior renewed by DK Engineering, Watford, UK
15/apr - David MacNeil, IL, USA ... via DK Engineering  
17/jan/28 The Honorary Judges’ Cup – for the finest judged Ferrari selected by the Honorary Judges XXVI. Cavallino Classic David MacNeil    
18/may/27 Class D
Villa d'Este David MacNeil    
19/jan/27 The 250 GT SWB Cup - for the finest 250 GT SWB Street Production Cavallino Classic 28 David MacNeil    


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