2169GT 60/sep/28
Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2, S1, LHD 
Rosso Rubino MM 16119/Naturale Connolly VM 3218 
Engine no. interno 522F 
Gearbox no. interno 5E 
PF job no. 39705
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/oct/06-16 - 47th Paris Salon Show car ... (during 2nd week) replacing 2043GT
60/nov/07 - Nowell Marius Lake Watson, HK "GE 140810"
63 - Dan Gerber, Oswego, MI, USA via Chinetti Motors
6. - ................
.. - Mary Delaney Durham, Traverse City, MI, USA
85/oct - David Shook, Dearborn, MI, USA
03/may - Shook died
04/oct - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA - unrestored
04 - Scott Jared Oshry, CA, USA
04 - full restoration and painted in its original interior and exterior color  C180 p28-29
09 Gold Palos Verdes Concours  Scott Oshry
10/jan/23 Excellence Cup XIX. Cavallino Classic Scott Oshry
10/jan/23 Platinum XIX. Cavallino Classic, class 10 Scott Oshry
10/aug/13 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Scott Oshry


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