2139GT 60
Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II,
California side vents

Grigio Fumo MM 16672 / Nero VM 8500
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1960/September - Alberto di Tanna, Roma, I  

../... - Bob Jordan, Johnson Manufacturing, Greenville, MI ...  via Richard Merrit the author of the Ferrari bible in the day acquired the car (it had California side vents)


Bob bought it for his wife. However, the gear box and power proved too much. She pulled into the garage, dented the front, put it in reverse hit an apple tree.

No major damage
Bob had Al Allan of Grand Haven, Michigan work on it  
72/... - Joe Moch, Grand Rapids, MI  
?? Webster B. Todd, Washington D.C.  ??  

77/nov/04 - offered in Autoweek by Mike Kraushaar, Grand Rapids, MI.  Aluminum side vents in front fenders

197./February - Mike Krausher (Michael Kraushaar), Grand Rapid, MI, USA
Complete, except for exhausts loaned to Ed Gilbertson of San Francisco, CA
77 - badly damaged in a garage fire  
80/sep - Ira Friedman, Newton, MA. Purchased as a „basket case“ needing lots of parts. With 330GT engine and 5 speed gearbox  
99/mar - Aldo Macioce, Brighton, MA, USA ... now red and sold by Krausher he picked up Joe Moch's single louvre TdF 0881GT  
1990/March  - ..............., I  
..../... - found engine 1893GT which was installed in a stolen 500 TR 0636MDTR  
00/... - restoration started at Carrozzeria Auto Sport, better known as Bacchelli e Villa ... restored in Grigio Fumo  
2008 ... restoration completed  
17/feb - Artcurial Retromobile
Lot 122 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Pinin Farina s/n  2139GT Esti. €1,300,000 - 1,600,000

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