1975GT 60
Ferrari 250 GT Coupe PF, RHD
White, Silver-gray top / Black
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/sep - Sleight, UK ... via Bloomers, Grimsby, Lincs., UK  
78 - Kevin Morfett, Colchester, Essex, UK. Becomes a restauration project.  
87 - Martin Emmison. Project car; rear axle, rear suspension and instruments used for LWB Cal Spyder project 1411GT "638 HYP" (UK)
91/oct - James Sinclair/Geoff Jackson (via Terry Hoyle)  
01 - Stephen Pilkington, UK  
11 - completed LWB California Spyder conversion, 1487GT used as blue print ... Yellow “250 GTS” (UK)
Pilkington converted seven PF Coupes to LWB California Spyder between 2000 and 2014:
1241 GT (sold at H&H Auction 2017 to Austria),
1443 GT (sold to a museum in Denmark in 2014),
3683 GT (sold to Belgium in 2014),
1053 GT and 1093 GT (completed for Norwegian friends),
1765 GT and 1975 GT (as of June 2020 still owned by Pilkington).

S.P. had owned 1487 GT, an original LWB Cal Spyder, which he used as a template and spent over 3,000 hours creating a dimensionally accurate wooden buck, which captured the exact shape of the car to use for the alloy bodywork. The original PF Coupe chassis (Tipo 508D) is the same length as that of a LWB Cal Spyder so requires no shortening or adjustment to accommodate the mechanicals. He oversaw the build personally with the chassis and subframe built up by a local contractor and he had the alloy body made and fitted by Clive Smart at Shapecraft UK. Pilkington scoured original Ferrari parts such as light units, instrument gauges and mechanical parts in an attempt to include as many original parts as possible on these recreations.
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