1883GT 60/aug/09   *** 2nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, LHD
Steel, open headlights, hardtop, velocity stacks
Chassis Tipo 539 
Engine Tipo 168
Numero interno 448F 
Gearbox Tipo 539 
Camshafts 128C/D 
Camshaft lift 9mm
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Carbs 40DCL6
240hp at 7,000
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/nov/03-13 - displayed at Torino Motor Show  
60 - Litex SpA, Torino, I for its President Fusina, I "TO 341566"
62/may/06 19th Targa Florio Fusina/
.. - ............, USA
77/nov - offered for $17,500 - ......, OR, USA - extra engine & transmission   
84/aug - Bob Panella, Stockton, CA, USA FP p57
84/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Bob Panella
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 8 Bob Panella
94/aug/26 Concorso Italiano, Quail Lodge Bob Panella
9. - Ron Spangler, Bel Air, MD, USA - Prancing Horse Farm  
97 - Carlos Monteverde, London, UK (BR) - paid $775,000.-  
99 - Everett Anton Singer, Laurel Hollow, NY, USA  
99 Best Italian Sports Car Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Anthony Singer C113 p20
99/sep/13-18 Colorado Grand Anthony Singer/   Evie Goldstein
00/jun/08-10 Northeast Ferrari Rally Anthony Singer/     Evi Goldstein
00/sep Colorado Grand Singer/Morris
01/jan/19 X. Cavallino Classic Tour of Palm Beach Everett Anton Singer
01/jan/20 Silver X. Cavallino Classic, class 2 Everett Anton Singer    
01/mar/09-11   Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Everett Anton Singer    
02/feb - Nuntio della Vecchia, CH - paid $1.35mio  
02/jul/15-16 Loris Kessel Ticino Ferrari Days Nuntio della Vecchia
12/jan - Hubert Haupt, Muenchen, D
../... - restored to original specs by Zanasi and at Macari's  
17/may/06 - Cavalcade Classiche  




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