1757GT 60/mar/11   *** 5th ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
engine no. interno - 274 F
No side vents, no brake ducts
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - Vittorio De Micheli, Firenze, I "FI 131131"
60/jun/19 1st OA Coppa Gallenga Vittorio De Micheli    
60 1st Predappio-Rocca della Caminate Vittorio De Micheli     
60/jul/24 dnf Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli #190
60/sep/25 3rd OA Coppa Fagioli,           Osimo Scalo-Osimo Vittorio De Micheli    
60 1st IC Coppa Cantoni Brescia Vittorio De Micheli    
61/apr/09 3rd IC IV. Stallavena-Bosco Chiesanuova hillclimb Vittorio de Micheli  
61 1st IC Coppa Borzacchini - Terni Vittorio De Micheli     
61 2nd IC Alghero Scala Piccada Vittorio De Micheli    
61/jul/02 2nd OA San Benedetto del Tronto-Acquaviva Picena Vittorio De Micheli     
61/jul/23 7th GT Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli #236 T-O p281
61/sep/24 1st IC Coppa Fagioli,                Osimo Scalo-Osimo Vittorio De Micheli #280   
62 2nd IC Predappio Rocca della Camine Vittorio De Micheli #30   
62 1st IC San Baronto Vittorio De Micheli     
62 - Prince of Liechtenstein - silver/tan
67 - Erwin Eckert, Windisch, CH - Grand Garage Erwin Eckert
67/feb - offered by Grand-Garage Erwin Eckert in Powerslide 2/67 p37:

"Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta , Farbe rot, erfolgreicher Rennsportwagen in einsatzbereitem Zustand. Preis Fr. 16.000.- ; Grand-Garage Erwin Eckert Windisch, Tel.: 056/413562"

67/mar - Larry Dent, Auburn, IN, USA - member of the Ford Mk 4 Le Mans pit crew
69/oct/30 - Ervin Williams, Hickory, NC, USA
71 - Don Fong, Atlanta, GA, USA  
75 - still with Fong, with original engine but apart, all windows plexiglass, sliding, no vent windows, exterior with Monza style gas cap,  dashboard in black wrinkle, dull aluminum trim around the windows.
7. - Carl Reinhard, Marietta, GA, USA - $25,000 incl. restoration F250SWB p28
78 - restored by Don Fong
85 - new alloy nose of body redone by Robbie Robinson, Woodstock, GA, USA;  The original alloy body was saved and is visible in the photos taken when the car was purchased and picked up by Mike Sheehan of European Auto Sales.
86/nov16 - inspected in great detail by Sam Smith, agent for Mike Sheehan, European Auto Sales.  Engine block, timing cover stamped #1757 GT.  Many trim pieces inscribed with # 1757. Original transmission was stolen and replacement transmission case came from another car but was a ribbed cage alloy gearbox. Alloy body was original from doors back but nose and hood were new, fitted with alloy riveted fuel tank and outside filler cap.
86/nov/18 - Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA
86/dec/04 - Kenji Sasamoto, J  
87/feb - completely restored by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
87/oct/05 - flown to Japan by Japan Air lines
87/oct Monte Miglia, Japan Kenji Sasamoto
90/nov/18 TI Ferrari Festival, Circuit Aida, J Kenji Sasamoto
95/apr/08 1st IC Forza Ferrari Concours, Suzuka, class 2 Kenji Sasamoto C88 p18
95/aug/18-20 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Kenji Sasamoto #10
96/apr/23-27 Tour de France Auto Kenji Sasamoto/      Kazuhide Uyeno #138 C93 p12     "25 56"
96/aug/16-18 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Kenji Sasamoto
97/jan/25 display VI. Cavallino Classic Kenji Sasamoto C98 p18
98/sep/22-23 2nd Neko Historic Automobile Festival, Japan Kenji Sasamoto C108 p18
99/jun/05-06 Forza Ferrari, Ferrari Club of Japan Meet, Suzuka Kenji Sasamoto
04/may/15-17 1st Japan Historic Car Tour Kenji Sasamoto #46 C143 p24
05 - Charles T. Wegner, West Chicago, IL, USA via SMC (traded in Dino 196 SP s/n  0790)
06/jan/17-18 13th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, disc brake race, class 4 Charles Wegner
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Charles Wegner
06/mar/11 - S - RM Amelia Island auction - $2,750,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
06/mar/11 - Oscar Davis, Elisabeth, NJ, USA
11/jan/22 XX. Cavallino Classic Oscar Davis



In 1997 a second car turned up, obviously owned by Romano Bernardoni of Bologna, Italy, which claimed to be 1757GT. This car is regarded as a replica and it is said to be built on a Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 chassis 2757GT renumbered to 1757GT and using engine s/n 1653GT (250 GT PF Coupe).

This car was seen by Wouter Brand in 2000 on Monaco plates "X 989".

In July 2000, this car was offered for Lit. 850mio (approx. $450,000) by the Jaguar dealer of Bologna, Italy

Further history about this second car is not confirmed, but Romano Bernardoni is currently arrested (2004).

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