17511 74/nov29
Ferrari 365 GT4/BB
ac, Voxson radio
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
74/dec - Renato Nocentini’s Garage La Rotonda, official Ferrari dealer in Prato near Florence, Italy  
74/... - ..............., Florence, Italy  
75/... - exported to the USA  
70's/late - Phil Conte, West Coast racing team manager ... federalized at great effort and expense  
78/... - damaged in an accident at Riverside Raceway and subsequently repaired  
85/... - ................, CA, USA  
87/... - Bob Law  
88/... - complete restoration, with engine rebuilt by the chief technician at Ferrari of Los Gatos, bronze-alloy valve guides and hardened valve seats fitted to permit unleaded-fuel use, while the camshafts were re-profiled and an MSD electronic ignition was added, new transaxle assembly was located at Ferrari’s UK parts center and installed.
A new high capacity, copper-core radiator and a new later-series multiple-disc clutch were fitted. The shock absorbers and springs were replaced at all four corners by new items from Conte Racing, which also installed an Ansa exhaust.
Other upgrades include 9½-inch rear wheels and tires as used on later Boxers, a Clarion radio and Recaro seats    
11/aug/17 - RM Auction Sports & Classics of Monterey
Lot 107 - 17,300 miles - Sold $130,000
11/aug/17 - ..........., USA  

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