1741GT 60/mar/07   *** 4th *** 
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competition, all alloy, LHD
gold metallic
engine no. interno - 294 F
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/mar/07 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA  
60 - New York Auto show car
60/may/01 dnf Virginia International race Connell #21 this was 0764
60/jun/18 1st 60m Road America Sprint Reed #95 this was 1127GT
7. - Wright, USA  
74 - Peter Giddings, SF, CA, USA  
76 - Alridge Johnson, Saratoga, CA, USA (light)  
.. - Ernest D. Mendicki, Monte Vista, CA, USA  
92/dec - Gary Schoenwald, NY, NY, USA o:212-573-4364 F250SWB p27, 38
$550.000 - apart for restoration $80-90 to go -
Front fenders and nose clip are new, made by Francois Sicard. The roof is new. The window gutters are incorrect for a 1960 SWB. But, they were redone in 1961 to the 'new' 1961 style.Everything else is original. - now the car has vent windows
94 - Richard Heffering & Francois Sicard, Greenwich, CT, USA - dark blue/tan C84 p11
94 Jerry Molitor Ferrari meet, Mendham, NJ Francois Sicard C84 p14
94/aug/24 3rd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 6 Francois Sicard & Richard Heffering
95/feb/11 1st IC IV. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Francois Sicard
95/apr/26-29 Tour de France Auto Francois Sicard / Richard Heffering #119
95/may/07 Ferrari of Exceptional Merits 11th Annual Reading Ferrari Concours Francois Sicard C88 p17
95/dec - offered by Francois Sicard, Ridgefield, CT, USA for $950,000 - no trades   
96/aug/30 Platinum FCA National Concours, Watkins Glen, class 15 Richard Heffering
97/aug/04 Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester Richard Heffering
98/mar - offered for $850,000.-  
99/mar - Lawrence E. Auriana, Greenwich, CT, USA - paid $800k  
08/apr/03-08 Bahrain Ferrari Classics Lawrence Auriana



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