1657GT 60
Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60 - Francia
.. - engine installed in 0331EU  (250 Europa PF Coupé)
94 - Albert Sollevi, S bought this car in UK from DK as a complete wreck without engine & gearbox with a Jaguar rear axle  
9. - rebodied as early style Tour de France by Auto Sport, Bastiglia, Italy (light blue with yellow stripe and dark blue pinstriping)  
9. - engine installed from 1549GT (250 GT PF Coupé)  
99/jul/31 - Coys Silverstone auction  
99 - painted maroone  
00/mar/10-11 - RM's Amelia Island auction - estm. $110k - $140k  
00/apr - Nick Soprano, Motor Classic & Competition Corp., White Plains, NY, USA asking $195k  


Albert Sollevi "I decided to rebody it like a 14 louvered Berlinetta, as  I had one set of original tail lights for such a car, I had kept them for 15 years. A reason as good as any...

Engine 1549 was provided by DK. Gearbox 250 GTE with overdrive also from DK, I also found a new original rearaxle. Everything was shipped out to Italy where the body was made by Autosport under my supervision. Interior with new original type TdF seats was made by Romano Luppi.
Engine and gearbox were completely overhauled by Torelli. Suspension, brakes (GTO-type) and engine-bay detailing was made by Peter Jaye in England. Thanks to the overdrive and 8/34 rear axle the car is perfect for long high speed drives, with its high gearing.

The car is a correct reproduction of a 14 louvered TdF apart for overdrive and brakes. For looks that is. I have never called it a TdF, but a rebodied PF Coupe. Hope it will stay that way."

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