1627GT 59/dec   *** 44th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder, alloy, LHD
Covered headlights, no fender side vents
Chassis Tipo 508D
Engine Tipo 128D
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/jan - Magnason, Miami, FL, USA via Chinetti Motors, NY, USA
62 - Styles, Coral Gables, FL, USA
6. - Styles' son Billy damaged both sides of the car, as he was run off the road, on his way back from a fishing tournament, at Ocean Reef, in Key Largo, FL, USA
6. - pulled out of a swamp in Florida
65 - George Shelley, FL, USA
6. - rebuilt in steel by Shelley
7. - Sternberg, NY, NY, USA
88/may/10 - S - The Sportscar Geneva auction - $773,800.- incl. buyer's prem 
88/may/10 - ............., J
91/mar/31 - NS - World Vintage Tokyo auction - highbid $892,857.-
91 - after the Tokyo Auction, the car was put in a two-car container, in front of a big Horch. While being shipped in the container on the way to San Francisco from Tokyo, the Horch broke loose of its safety straps and rolled on the Cal Spyder. 
91 - restored by Patrick Ottis
91/aug - $1,000,000 - 92/jan - offered by Fantasy Junction, CA, USA C65 p56
92/feb - offered for $950,000.-
92/apr - offered for $650,000.-
92/sep - offered for $575,000.-
93/jan - offered for $495,000.-
93 - still with Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA, USA
93 - Walter Weimer, PA., USA
10/oct - offered on ebay; red/red: "All inner structures are still in their original factory alloy form including the firewall, the inner fenders, the door frames, as well as the hood and the trunk lid."
11/jan/22 XX. Cavallino Classic Walter Weimer
11/feb - offered in C181 p57
11/... - SV, A  




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