15369 72   *** 48th ***
Ferrari 365 GTS/4, Euro, LHD 
Giallo fly/black (VM 8500)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
72 - Elie Ayache, Beirut, Lebanon
72 - according to Coys newly sold to an Arab Prince
78 - Carl Corzan, South Lake Tahoe, NV, USA - 12,500km
.. - in multiple accidents  
94/... - the car’s fuel tank was ruptured, the rear half of the body sustained fire damage. factory nose and tail sections were sourced for repair, an NOS fuel tank and trunk lid were also utilized; most of the rear inner structure, as well as parts of the front of the car, were also replaced and repaired and the suspension was realigned.
All this work was performed by recognized Ferrari specialists, including Mike Sheehan’s European Auto of Costa Mesa, California, who repaired the 1994 damage in December, 1995
97/jul/26 - NS - Coys Silverstone auction  
99/aug/28 - S - Brooks Quail Lodge auction - $354k incl. buyer's prem.  
99/aug/28 - ................, USA  
../... - Ferrari Classiche certified  
16/mar/12 - RM Sotheby's Amelia Island Auction
- Not Sold High Bid $2,100,000 (absente bid)


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