14889 71
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione S1, 5th of 15
96 - eligible Challenge storico Ferrari Shell
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
71 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, USA - N.A.R.T. TF p323
72 wdn 24h Daytona Luigi Chinetti jr. /      Ronnie Bucknum #23  
13th OA 3rd IC 12h Sebring Sam Posey /
Tony Adamowicz
#21 Daytona p85, 88, 89
6h Watkins Glen David Hobbs /
Sam Posey
9th OA   3rd IC 1000km Paris,
Jean-Pierre Jarier /
Jacques Laffite
#24 1000km Paris p83
73 - upgraded to Series 3 specs  
5th OA
4th IC
24h Daytona Bob Grossman /
Luigi Chinetti jr. /
Wilbur Shaw jr.
#21 Daytona p95, 111
5th OA
2nd IC
4h Le Mans Francois Migault/
Lucien Guitteny
24h Le Mans Bob Grossman /
Lucien Guitteny
#36 FaLM p117 AMS 14/73 p63
15th OA 7th IC 6h Watkins Glen Bob Grossman /
Don Yenko
73 - Donald W. Fong, Atlanta, GA, USA  
83/sep - offered for $145,000 by Bill Kiernan, NJ, USA -  201-233-0779  
86 - George Nuse, Atlanta, GA, USA - $125,000.- PH86 p23
PH87 p23
87/may/01 3rd IC FCA Concours Wolf Trap Farm, class 16 George Nuse
8. - completely restored by Bruce Vineyard’s Continental Coachworks, Ltd, Conyers, GA, USA
95/dec - Ed Wettach, Jackson, MS, USA - asking $1,45mio  
97/may/22-24 FCA Field & Driving Concours,
Washington DC
Ed & Eleanor Wettach
99/may/26-30 FCA Annual Meeting, Atlanta Ed Wettach
01/mar/09-11   Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Ed Wettach    
01/may/31-jun/02 NART Award FCA Annual Meet, Concours,
Ed Wettach
05/feb - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - paid $1,6mio
05/mar/12 - S - RM's Amelia Island auction - $1,98mio incl. buyer's prem.
05/mar/12 - Christopher Cox, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
05/may - Charles Arnott, Easton, MD, USA
05/jun - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - paid $2,0mio
05/aug/19 The Quail, Carmel Valley SMC
05/sep - Jean Guikas, Marseille, F - GTC Srl.
07/feb - still offered by Jean Guikas' GTC Sarl., Marseille, F C157 p73
09/aug - still offered by GTC Sarl., Marseille, F C172 p97
10/jul/09-10 dnf Le Mans Classic,
grid 5
Tiziano Carugati /
Jean Pierre Grave / Marc Doncieux


The Ferrari factory officially confirmed Jean Guikas that the engine which is in the car today is not a street engine but a competition Daytona engine developed by the factory for 1973 24h of Le Mans. 

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