1487GT 1959/sep/21   *** 31st ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder Competizione, steel, LHD
Black / red
Covered headlights, hood scoop, all chrome side vents, no outside filler, drum brakes
Chassis Tipo 508D
Engine Tipo 128D
Numero interno 0496D
Gearbox Tipo 233DR
Camshafts 128C
Camshaft lift 9mm
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Carbs 36DCL3
240hp at 7,000
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1959/sep/14 - originally ordered by Luigi Chinetti, NY, USA for Judge Leibowitz for $7,200 FW5/90  
1959 - registered in NY
1960 - Henry E. Mergner, Washington DC, USA (Chevrolet dealer based in Washington DC) 
1960/may/14 6th IC    7th BP SCCA Cumberland National Sports Car Race Henry Mergner / Pierre Mion #89  
1960 - repainted white - American racing colours
1960/may/30 5th OA
3rd BP
SCCA National Bridgehampton,
Pierre Mion #59 Finn p205
1960/jul/02 dnf
SCCA National Lime Rock
Pierre Mion #59
1960/jul/10 2nd OA SCCA 6h Marlboro, Maryland Henry Mergner / Pierre Mion #59
196. - back to Chinetti for Pedro Rodriguez, MEX
1961 Circuit of Acapulco Pedro Rodriguez #13 Carrick p16
1961/sep/10 1st OA Autodrome circuit in Mexico city Pedro Rodriguez Article in Motor Racing, Sep. 15-22, 1961
1961/oct/09 1st OA Gran Premio Indipendenza Pedro Rodriguez #306
1964/aug/08 - Dr. Erle H. Heath, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1965/nov/18 - William Lefakinif, Edgewater, NJ, USA via Chinetti
1966/jan - Carl Kleiner Motors, Houston, TX, USA - paid $6,500
1967 - John Mecom jr., Houston, TX, USA "NVJ 724"
1967 - painted cadillac pellum blue, Mecom’s racing colours
1968 - John Juner, Milwaukee, WI, USA
1993/oct - original engine block #1487 (#0496D) separated from car and first advertised in FML October 9th 1993 by Mark Smith (Pennsylvania Motor Company) for $65,000 FML V18 N21 p18,
1998/feb/06 - Joseph Cantore, Oak Brook, IL, USA  
1998/jun - offered for $525,000 as matching numbered car requires restoration  
- partial restoration on complete car - day 630-832-8600 - eve 630-279-4129  
199. - original engine with Symbolic Motor Company, La Jolla, CA, USA
1998/dec/23 - Stephen Pilkington, UK "PAS 347"
1999/mar - original engine acquired by Pilkington to reunite with chassis
1999/00 - engine completely rebuilt & dyno-ed by DK Engineering, Watford, UK for £26,000
2000 - bodywork stripped to bare metal, repaired and painted original colour of black. All mechanical parts stripped and overhauled. Wheels rebuilt and new tyres and Ferrari exhaust fitted. Completely retrimmed in red leather as original. Mohair hood.

2003 - Lorenzo Zambrano, Laredo, TX, USA

2005/aug/21 Class M-1 Pebble Beach Concours, Lorenzo Zambrano
2006/jan/21 Excellence Cup XV. Cavallino Classic Lorenzo Zambrano
2006/jan/21 Platinum XV. Cavallino Classic, class 2 Lorenzo Zambrano C152 p37
2009/may/17 - RM's Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction
Lot 234 -
Sold €2.117.500.- incl. buyer's prem.
2009/may/17 - William Kontes, Milville, NJ, USA for a client




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