1469GT 59
Ferrari 250 GT Coupe PF,
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - imported new into Germany through Auto Becker of Duesseldorf  
59 - Frankfurt Motor Show car  
60/nov/25 - Registered in Sweden  
63/feb/1 - Stefan Lindahl, Bromma  
63/may/20 - Rolf Haider Bil Ab  
64/feb/9 - Europeiska Bilbolaget  
64/dec - Berndt Hellstöm, Hägersten  
65/jul - Sportvagnsimport Ab  
73 - Jan Svanbäck: traded in for a Maserati 3500GT from Rob Box after a rear end failure in CH.  
* Is this the unregistered car Tore Bjurström displayed in Helsinki GP 1960 for advertising purposes?  
98 - Dries Jetten, NL  
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