14471 71/sep   *** 15th ***
Ferrari 365 GTS/4, Spyder, USA, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
71/sep - James Ettinger, Norwalk, CT, USA - Electric Regulator Corporation via Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA  
82/oct - offered by Bob Sharp Ferrari, Danbury, CT, USA as one owner car,18,000miles, asking US$ 125,000.- later repainted red with black interior  
86/dec - offered George Ventura, Kansas, USA - asking $ 345,000.-  
87/jun - for sale by Lyle Tanner Enterprises, Carson, CA, USA, asking $ 560,000.-  
88/aug/19 - NS - Monterey Sports & Racing Car auction - highbid $750k - red  
89/jan - for sale by Rick Cole, CA, USA  
89/may - for sale by Bradford, PA, USA;  21,682 Miles, asking $ 1,500,000.-  
89/may - for sale by Mark J. Smith of Old Philadelphia Motorcars, USA  
89 - Jerry Bowes, Philadelphia, PA, USA (93)  
90/feb/03 - for sale in FML by 215-525-6510 $1,450,000.-  
93/mar/27 - for sale by The Chequered Flag, 22,000 mile, $475,000.-  
9. - Craig Zinn, Miami, FL, USA  
99/jan/21-22 VIII. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Motorsports Park Craig Zinn/           Martine Zinn
99/jan/22 VIII. Cavallino Classic Tour di Palm Beach Craig Zinn
99/jan/23 VIII. Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza, class 4 Craig Zinn
00/jan/22  IX. Cavallino Classic



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