1411GT 59/mar   *** 25th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder, LHD
Covered headlights, steel body, drum brakes
Chassis Tipo 508D
Engine Tipo 128D
Gearbox Tipo 508D
Camshafts 128C
Camshaft lift 9mm
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59/jun/10 - Luigi Innocenti, I "MI 430412"
61/apr/08 - Olga del Monaco for her husband Mario del Monaco, Milan, I (famous tenor)  
61/apr - Flora Giachetti, Treviso, I (Mario del Monaco's mother)
63/apr/12 - Bruna Puddu, Roma, I
67 - exported to USA
.. - road accident
.. - lay in a scrapyard in Louisiana for 15 years
.. - found by Joe Alphabet as a wreck in an Orange Orchard  
.. - engine and many parts missing  
86 - Martin G. Emmison, London, UK "GSK 682" 
86-91 - completely rebuilt by Terry Hoyle, UK - Dark blue/red leather FOC 92 p26
C76 p28-32
86-91 - rebodied in alloy with covered headlights  
90 - engine from 0939GT (Cal. Spyder)  
91/sep/08-09 Automobiles Classique a Bagatelle Martin G. Emmison
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin G. Emmison
92/sep Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Martin G. Emmison
95/jul/09 FOC Concours, Castle Ashby Martin G. Emmison
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Martin G. Emmison
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin G. Emmison
98/sep/18-20 Goodwood Revival Meeting Martin G. Emmison
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin G. Emmison
.. - Philip Doyle, UK
00/may/27 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid FF2.800.000  
00/oct/14-15 Targa Florio Revival Doyle/Kidston #122
01/jan - offered as private treaty saly by Bonhams&Brooks
01/dec/18 - S - Bonhams Gstaad Auction - SFr. 647,300 incl. buyer's prem. C122 p43
01/dec/18 - .............., UK
04/dec/18 - NS - Bonhams Gstaad Ferrari auction - highbid SFr. 720.000.-
05/apr - .............., USA



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