14065 71
Ferrari 365 GTB/4, USA unofficial Competition
original engine B780
modified by H&M (Holman-Moody)
Traco for Penske-White
96 - eligible Challenge storico Ferrari Shell
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
71 - Ron Spangler, MD, USA (PHF), bought it new as a Rosso Rubino (cancelled order of Peter Kalikow) tan interior street car with Borrani wheels  
72 - Kirk F. White, Radnor, PA, USA - Phil Tegtmeier arranged buy Daytona p88, 89
72 - PHF sold it to Kirk F. White with a buy back contract so that KFW could race at Sebring. Sold for $18,000 and had a buy back after race at $18,000  
72 - modified by H&M (Holman-Moody) and Traco  

#14065 was delivered by road to Holman & Moody by Dave Olimpi in early 1972. He recounts, “During my trip to North Carolina I encountered a pack of Harley-Davidson riders. Back then Harleys weren't driven by accountants and lawyers. Just to be cautious I opened up the Daytona and got out ahead of the bikes as fast as I could accelerate. I remember that the Daytona just didn't feel right. (As someone once said "..wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.."). I arrived at the H-M plant and delivered the car.…. Not long after that Kirk phoned me again, and asked me to drive his daily driver, the ex-Gurney/Yates Cannonball Baker Daytona, s.n. 14271, to Holman Moody. It seems H-M couldn't get any extra power to speak of out of the engine of 14065 (they racked it up to "poor metallurgy"), and Kirk knew that the motor in his car was pretty powerful. I dove Kirk's car down to H-M. As I was driving to North Carolina I thought "..now, this is more like it.."”  


The Engine for 14271 (internal #B1018) was removed and shipped to Traco to be upgraded and become main race engine in 14065, and this engine (the same block that had won the Cannonball run in 1971 with a record time of 35 hours 54 Mins) was fitted to #14065 ready for Sebring and would stay with the car indefinitely. Traco were, at that time, one of the finest engine shops in the entire world - something they had proved when uprating the already formidable performance figures of White's 512M. They worked their magic on his Daytona too, using high compression pistons, cylinder heads, improved oil system, reworked ignition timing, carburettor jetting and an aluminium radiator. In Christian Huet's seminal work on the Competition Daytona, there are only six cars listed as produced with 450 bhp engines - the final five Series 3 factory race cars, and this one. The standard car produced a very healthy 350 bhp, but these ultimate Daytona engines were in a league of their own.

Kirk F. White
lap 53
12h Sebring Hobbs /
.. - Sponsored by Marathon Oil, Coca Cola and Prancing Horse farm  
.. - The reason for retirement was not the transmission but the fact that bolts holding drive shaft to the rear sheared under the tremendous torque being put out by the powerful Traco H&M motor was too much for the factory bolts. Unfortunately a lot of prep money was spent on the car and that small detail was overlooked.  
.. - When car came off track John Holman was present with a Sherriff and a seizure for "non paymnt" against KFW. Car was loaded on flatbed and taken back to NC on a mechanics lien. About 6 months later John Holman called RS (PHF) and a deal was made to buy back the car.  RS (PHF) paid $18,000 flew to NC and drove the car home on the highway with no heat and only rain tires open exhaust in a snowstorm.... Ron Spangler remembers "Iit was exciting. I nearly froze to death in the 400 miles trip"
82 - offered by Joe Marchetti's International Auto Ltd., Chicago, IL, USA C15 p56
.. - William Kontes, Vineland, NJ, USA  
.. - Engelbert E. Stieger, Teufen, CH C65 p4
.. - Rick Cole, USA  
91 - Marty Yacobin, Hollywood, CA, USA FCA 91
$275,000 - Bruce Zeigler 805-583-8586 HMN21/93 p9671
$185,000 - Blackhawk HMN9/94 p7623
$275,000 - Blackhawk FML 1/95
95/apr - sold  
96/feb - $275,000 - Fantasy Junction   
96/feb - sold to Japan  
96/apr - at some point following an engine failure, engine block with internal number B1018 was removed but stayed with the car. Engine block with internal number #2926 fitted.  
2010 – White book Classiche certification granted  
.. - Lorne Leibel, Ontario, CDN
10/jan/22 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Disc race, Palm Beach Int. Raceway Lorne Leibel #01
11/jan/21 dns Ferraris on Track, Palm Beach International Raceway Lorne Leibel #01
12/jan/19-20 dns XXI. Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach International Raceway, discm brake race Lorne Leibel #01
13/jan/24-25 dns XXII. Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach International Raceway, disc brake race Lorne Leibel #1  
14/jan/23-24 2nd IC XXIII. Cavallino Classic Competition, Palm Beach International Raceway, Trofeo di Florida Lorne Leibel #1  
2018 - Total engine rebuild  
... - now certified with white book and a spare engine fitted (as noted in classiche documentation) ... the block B1018 with it which is quite special as it is the Cannoball winning block as well as the Sebring block too  
2019 - Purchased by DK Engineering, shipped to their workshops in England and fully gone through  

2019 - Available for sale at DK Engineering






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