1387SA 59/apr/04
Ferrari 410 Superamerica S3 Coupe PF, LHD
Restamped to 1355SA 
Dark blue/natural leather
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - restamped to 1355SA   
59 - Bill Mitchell, Detroit, MI, USA (Vice Pres. of GM) - never took delivery  
59 - George Arents, Coconut Grove, FL, USA  
60 - Peter van Gerbig, Hillsborough, CA, USA  
6. - shipped back to Italy to the factory where regular seats were replaced by Scaglietti with a pair of special seats; interior redone in red leather  
64 - Bruce de Palma, Boston, MA, USA via Chinetti  
77 - Ken Gerber, MD & CA, USA  
81 - Dyke & Sue Ridgley, Decatur, IL, USA - dark blue/beige C60 p30-31 FLS p79
90 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance Dyke & Sue Ridgley  
92 blue ribbon Meadow brook PH96 p12
96 - Dennis Machul, Oak Brook, IL, USA



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