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Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Euro,
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70 - Carbonelli, I
76/dec - imported from Rome, Italy to Sweden by Ulf "Barbarossa" Bohman, Varberg
(Nickname Barbarossa for red beard…)
77/jun/17 - registered in Sweden [JUU 667]
.. - rebuilt as Daytona Competizione to Group-4 factory specifications. (blue and yellow two-tone)  
.. - raced extensively as far as in Bahamas !  
85 - Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL, USA  
8. - Richard Rothenberger, USA  
87/jun Mid-Ohio vintage race Richard Rothenberger #4 C41 p48
88 FCE 88 Class Comp. Richard Rothenberger
96/may/19 12th Annual Reading Ferrari Concours d'Elegance Richard Rothenberger
01/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event, Moroso Richard Rothenberger
01/jan/20 display X. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Richard Rothenberger
02/jan/24-25 XI. Cavallino Classic Track Days, Moroso Park Richard Rothenberger  
02/jan/25 11th OA Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Moroso Park, Disc brake race Richard Rothenberger #1  
../... - T Summers, ..
11/Mar/11   Amelia Island   #14  
12/sep/02   Chelsea AutoLegends      
14/jul/26 -   Silverstone Classic   #70 "70 FAB"
14nov/12   Daytona 24 Hour Classic T. Summers #77  
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