1309GT 59/mar/24   *** 67th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
open headlight, 1 louvre
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59/mar/24 - Vittorio De Micheli, I "FI 116892"
59/apr/05 4th IC II. Stallavena-Bosco Chievanuova hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli    
59/apr/30 1st IC V. Giornata dei Primati a Castelfusano, class 34 Vittorio De Micheli    
59 1st Coppa Borzachini-Terni Vittorio De Micheli    
59/jun/29 3rd OA
1st GT
Predappio-Rocca delle Caminate hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli    
59/jul/05 3rd GT Bolzano-Mendola hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli    
59/jul/26 6th IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Vittorio De Micheli #216
59/oct/04 2nd OA 1st IC Terni-Passo della Somma Vittorio De Micheli    
59/nov/04 2nd Trofeo Bettoja Vittorio De Micheli    
59 3rd OA Castelfusano Coppa Fagioli Vittorio De Micheli    
59 4th GT Rimini-San Marco Vittorio De Micheli    
59 3rd GT Coppa Citta Asiago Vittorio De Micheli    
59 - Scuderia Serenissima  
60/aug/21 10th OA
4th GT+2.5
Coppa dei due Mari Salvatore La Pira #
6. - Princess Maria Gabriella di Savoia, CH on loan to Scuderia Serenissima
started as an open headlight, converted to covered headlights, see Yearbook
"GE 90773"
61 - Russell Cowles, GB (USA)  
"In 1961 I purchased 1309GT in Italy from Ferrari in Modena as a "used car".  Little did I know then just how "used" the car had been.  Before taking delivery of the car I arranged with Ferrari to have Scaglietti convert the open headlight nose to the covered headlight version. After an engine rebuild in England, I raced this car in Club races in England and then sold it on leaving England in 1962."

"I have the sales invoice for the other TDF I owned - 1309GT - purchased used from Ferrari in Modena in July 1961, showing I paid $5,500. $5,000 was required to purchase the car; $500 was paid by Ferrari to Scaglietti to convert the open headlights to covered for me.

While I owned the car in England I had a trailer hitch installed on the TDF and used it to pull a lightweight, aluminum trailer carrying my Formula Jr Lotus 18 to club races. I practiced and raced both cars at several English club venues. The trailer had lights but no brakes so the Ferrari did double duty! I don't have any photos of the car pulling the trailer but maybe one will turn up from somewhere!"
62 - Focquet, UK  
7. - Livic, USA  
8. - Charles F. Weber, USA  
82 2nd IC Monterey Historic Races Chuck Weber    
.. - engine installed from 3917GT (250 GTE)  
84/aug/23   International Ferrari Concours Chuck Weber    
84/aug/25-26 6th Monterey Historic Races Chuck Weber    
89/apr - Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - paid $900,000.-
89/apr - Stan Zagorski, NY, USA via Mike Sheehan - paid $950,000.-  
89 - He did locate the proper engine for this car in Switzerland (via Guggisberg), and in 89 it was swapped, was very expensive swap, since then car has proper engine 1309GT, has all documents to prove it (2000/may/20 as per Stan Zagorski)
89/sep - Hans Thulin, S - Consolidator Collection  
90 - ..............., CA, USA
91/aug - offered by Ed Iverson, Phoenix, AZ, USA - Red/black
9. - offered for $400,000 by Forza, USA - poor paint, nose has wrong shape !  
92/may/26 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid $492.000   
92/may/26 - 3917GT was also auctioned by Brooks and it looks as if the 250 GTE was described using engine 1309GT  
93/mar - offered by The Checkered Flag, USA  
93/may/04 - offered by Bill May at The Chequered Flag for $365,000
93/may/12 - offered by Garry Roberts and Peter Sweeney for $300,000
93/jun - $350,000 - sold by Garry Roberts  - TH  
93/dec - offered for $425,000 by Bill Jacobs, USA HMN 
94/oct - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $450,000  
94/dec - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $450,000 C84 p1
94/dec - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for $472,000  "TFO 667" 
95/jan - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for $440,000  
96 - Peter Agg, UK  
96/may - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for $504,000  
96 - thorough mechanical rebuild, including the engine, suspension, brakes, also stripped to metal and repainted  
97/nov - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for PDS 325,000  
97/dec - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for PDS 295,000  
98/jan/17 - offered by Gregor Fisken, UK for PDS 325,000.- C103 p7
98 - Peter Rae, UK via William Loughran  
98/jul - Paul Baber, UK  
00 - currently has a Ford back axle in it  
.. - Giorgio Perfetti, Castel San Pietro, CH



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