12547 69/may
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione Prototipo, LHD
one of two alloys with glas
96 - eligible for Challenge Storico Ferrari Shell
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
69 - Gherardi, Brindisi, I  
69/jun/15 wdn
in practice
24h Le Mans Bob Grossman /
Sam Posey
#16 FaLM p101
69 - Gherardi, Brindisi, I - after LM returned to its owner  
70 - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA - N.A.R.T.
70/jan/31-feb/01 dnf
lap 142
24h Daytona Ronnie Bucknum /
Wilbur Pickett
#22 AMS 4/77 p149  Daytona p82
T&CC 3/88 p59
PHF 8/87 4/88
70 - Harley E. Cluxton III., New Orleans, LA, USA
70/mar/21 wdn
12h Sebring Harley Cluxton /
Wilbur Pickett
71 - Kirk F. White, Ardmore, PA, USA  
71/nov - Touring Motors East, Westport, CT, USA (Sam Brown)  
72/... - Sunoco blue with yellow pin striping ... re-painted darkblue  
72 - Kirk F. White, Ardmore, PA, USA  ... traded back for Dino 206 S(P) s/n 012  
80/may - offered by Charlie Kemp, International Motor Cars, Jackson, MS. $125,000 Robb Report, 5/80 p81
88/may - offered by Ron Spangler's PHF, Belair, MD, USA - 30,000km T&CC 5/88 p114
90 - Baron Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau, Graz, A via Ron Spangler  
90/may/22 - NS - Christie's Monaco auction - highbid $1,100,935.-  
90 - engine is standard street engine MK 5/90 p76
91/nov - Takeo Kato, J (stored at Terry Hoyle)  
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Takeo Kato
92/nov - offered by Terry Hoyle, UK for $350,000 (very bad condition)  
93/jan - Nick Mason, UK - repainted seen with UK registration in a publication about the Maranello series II car  
94 - engine upgraded to Group 4 series 3 spec  
95/mar - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for PDS 350,000.-  
95/apr - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK for 325,000.-  
95/jul/29-30 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Nick Mason
96/apr/23-27 Tour Auto Nick Mason /    Annette Mason #146
98/feb - Mario Bernardi, Hann.Muenden, D "WNY 6D"
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days Mario Bernardi #17
99may/01-02 Spa Ferrari Days Mario Bernardi #70
99/jul/02-04 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Mario Bernardi #70
99/jul - offered by Mario Bernardi, asking $1,5mio  
99/nov/06-07  3rd IC Tutte le Ferrari a Vallelunga, class C Mario Bernardi #70  
06/feb - still with Mario Bernardi, asking € 1.8mio


this is not the car which finished in 71 Sebring 5th IC/12th OA - see 14107
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